Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell – Adam Lambert, Better Than I Know Myself (Music Video)

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”
– Unknown

Within each person exists the potential for great light and great darkness. This duality of dark/light (a slightly less judgemental derivative of good versus evil) has been explored by artists since the beginning of time and remains a fascination to many. It’s a dichotomy that is explored everyday in music, in television, in film and in literature. Where balance is always the goal when light and dark collide, imbalance tends to be it’s nature which sets up the idea of an ongoing internal power struggle.

With Adam Lambert’s latest music video for “Better Than I Know Myself”, the gorgeous lead single from his upcoming 2012 album: “Trespassing”, he and director Ray Kay explore this eternal inner struggle that in some capacity we all face everyday.

We start out with a leather-clad Adam, his trademark guyliner and endlessly flawless hair completely in check. (P.S. I’m SO jealous of that hair!) He seems to be sporting some strange yellow (hazel-esque?) contact lenses and a cold/blue filter on the footage really plays with complimentary colors to make those eyes pop.

The “dark” Adam is self-destructive, hot-headed and defiant. He seems like he feels trapped inside this space and in feeling smothered he lashes out. Dark Adam does some bad-ass things, like consume tequila (right out of the bottle), dump said tequila out on the floor, tear up books, plays with fire and most disturbingly – slaughters the world’s most delicious fruit: the pomegranate, with his bare hands.

We’re also introduced to light Adam, who seems to represent the image that Adam has been putting forth in this album campaign in many ways. He is a more down to earth, confident and balanced Adam who seems more than happy to be within his space (and his own skin) than his dark counterpart. It is certainly a little more “homey”. The “light” space is warm with gold and yellow tones (again complimentary to how the dark side is represented). There is sunlight and it seems that light Adam may have a green thumb. His eyes here, are blue as Lambert’s are naturally.

Light Adam does very calming and responsible things like yoga, some light sweeping and steeping some delicious (probably herbal) tea. He does, however, seem to have some concerns about air quality and has some high tech ventilation monitoring system in place. We also see these tanks in the dark Adam’s room and realize that they share the same oxygen.

With all this talk of “sides” it is important to note that for much of the video, we have a split screen. On the left hand side, the dark Adam and on the right, the light! I find the arrangement interesting when considering political standpoints and traditional stereotypes of what it’s like to be a “left” thinker versus being “right”. At first I think this is a coincidence, but I truly believe that nothing in this video is coincidence.

The two Adams exist side by side, confined to their own spaces (there are no doors) but able to interact with eachother through a window. They seem to resent eachother as each watches the other with a certain disdain.

It becomes clear that we’re looking inside of Adam’s mind. The video serves as a visual representation of the ongoing struggle within as the dark Adam goes too far and lights a chair on fire in his chamber; because the two share the oxygen this action symbolizes an act of self-violence; a breaking point. As the oxygen is burned up by the fire, the light Adam collapses.

Wikipedia notes “Yin yang are not opposing forces (dualities), but complementary opposites that interact within a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system.” This video is about recognizing that your dark and light – like yin and yang – should not be opposing forces. As Gaga tried to get across in “Marry The Night”, true balance is attained when the light “marries” the dark. The triumph here is that dark Adam sees that he is harming the yin to his yang and we see him break the glass that seperates the two sides indicating that he’s had what Oprah would call an “aha!” moment and he’s decided to marry his own dark and light to truly attain the balance we all seek. He reaches through the broken glass and places his hand on his light’s shoulder and the shot fades to black.

In the end we see Adam walking down a street towards us as a single whole. As he gets closer, we see that one eye is blue and the other hazel/yellow, symbolizing his two sides combined.

Interestingly, the sides are inverted from the viewer’s perspective. This could be for one of two reasons: a.) simple physicality: where the left was blue internally (from Adam’s perspective in the fantasy scenario), in the end shot Adam’s left eye is physically on our right and vice versa, hence the “switch” or b.) it signifies that both sides have reached a compromise and was intended to be noticed and not just a sign of the fact that I’m analyzing this FAR too much!

All I know is one thing for sure: It’s a good thing Adam got his dark side in check, before any more delicious pommegranates got hurt. 😉 Oh, and…

“Better Than I Know Myself” is pure Pop Heaven. The best video of Lambert’s career to date and one of the best so far in 2012!

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77 thoughts on “Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell – Adam Lambert, Better Than I Know Myself (Music Video)

  1. Patti says:

    Thank you! Another great review from you. It was like Dark Adam was sucking the life out of Light Adam and in the end he saved himself. I didn’t notice all those other things like there being no doors, oxygen in Dark Adam’s room, etc.

    Your description above seems exactly what Adam would want us to see.

    I hope this is up for a video award this year!

  2. UKGlambert says:

    WOW! Bravo. This video is captivating and yes I agree with you this IS Adams best work to date. A thoroughly enjoyable read

  3. stardustpf says:

    Love your take on this and I agree. There is much more happening here than first appears. Love, love this man and his amazing voice. He has so much to say!!!

  4. Why preach to the choir? U said it all & brilliantly. AMEN.

  5. Thank you PopMessiah – wonderful review! Thanks again for including both BTIKM & Aftermath Remix in your Top 100 Pop Songs of 2011 Countdown!
    It is written that the child shall be of the religion of it’s mother – and yo’ momma is a Glambert! She’ll be proud of this review! x0x carter 🙂

    • LOL! I happen to be visiting my mom for the weekend and telling her about all the love I get from her fellow Adam fans 🙂 I was playing the video/song for her earlier 🙂

  6. spilt_daydreams says:

    Great write up. I really enjoyed the vid. There’s so much more going on than you can see by one watch. 😀

    • One watch would be impossible! I’m on about 10 I think 🙂 but I’m sure many have already seen it oodles and oodles of times! Thanks for the comments 🙂

  7. Janice S. says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I am so glad to see so many others are appreciating the complexity and richness of this video! His work is as complex and beautiful as a fine Persian carpet – the overall design is a joy to behold. But, its beauty is unveiled fully on closer observation…all the intricacy in which his loving labor ties all the silken fibers of life together into this bond of art. Each view unveils another and another of the many reasons to appreciate this wonderful artist!

  8. terry says:

    Great review!!! I saw things a little differently tho, I don’t see the two Adams in quite such a “black & white” way LOL so to speak. I felt there was more depth to both sides – with positives & negatives in each of them. The “Light” Adam isn’t all perfect – he is all too CLEAN and a bit too perfect, a little whimpy, he responds badly to the “bratty” Adam and he lacks emotion or “fire”. His lack of emotional connection infuriates the “Dark” Adam. Dark Adam, likewise, isn’t all bad. He has strong emotions,he is trying to reach out in his own way and he is the strong and daring side (note the “white knight” chess piece they associate with Dark Adam.). He doesn’t just collapse in a heap when the oxygen runs out (remember he is using the oxygen too) – he does something about it and HE reaches out to help the Light side. Adam said something about the point being it’s not just dark & light but shades of grey. Anyway – that’s my 2 cents worth.

    • I think you’ve raised an EXCELLENT point, Terry! They showed the disadvantages of both sides in a way I hadn’t considered before. I may have to update the article.. 🙂

  9. Elaine says:

    Loved your review and your in-depth overanalysis–I think you’ve earned a Bert Card! 😀

  10. Adam's Bitch says:


  11. BB says:

    Excellent review!

    So refreshing to read a well-written and amusing account from someone who ‘gets’ Adam. Adam is an extraordinary talent who is deserving of more recognition. If the response to this video is any indication,he’s well on his way!!!

  12. LisaW says:

    wow great review, one picky point but was of interest to me, the dark side could see the light thru the window but it was more like a two way window and the light side does NOT see into the dark side. Adam certainly acts like he knows its there but does not interact nor react as the dark side does. Also the ending with the shot and the yellow contruction tape at the end seemed to tie into the album cover a bit. loved it a lot,

  13. LisaW says:

    oops sorry I wrote two way window and meant two way MIRROR like is in every police show……dark adam looked into Light but Light only saw himself

    • Deb Murphy says:

      i’m not trying to be argumentative but it seemed to me that the Light Adam can see the Dark Adam because there are times when he directs something to it. Like when L Adam is sitting on the floor playing chess by himself and he pushes the table toward the other room kind of invitingly…the look in his eye is like saying “hey do you want to play?” And when L Adam sees the fire and he is up against the mirror he mouths the words :”What are you doing?” with fear and question on his face. When D Adam pours the booze out L Adam responds with a egative disappointed nodding quizzical look kind of a like “man, i’m so dissappointed in how you’re behaving.” Then when D Adam squishes the pomagranet, L Adam looks so sad that D Adam is being so aggresive and harmful. And I noticed the yellow construction tape at the end also–thought that was a cool reference to the cover. This Video is gonna raise Adam’s level so high I think. He is definitely a FORCE to be reckoned with and the as they used to say in days gone by THE WORLD IS HIS OYSTER…….he has a HUGE future ahead of him. I think we will definitely see him in movies or TV. I have NO DOUBT he will be ICONIC as Paula Abdul predicted.

      • LisaW says:

        oh wow my comment got a response ppl do read these LOL. Yes I agree with you that he does eventually see BUT I just thought that it was interesting that IN THE BEGINNING the window is a mirror, like when he is listening to music and doing yoga……so initially, Light is blissfully unaware or ignoring or whatever (I like the comment that nothing seems unintentional here I totally agree) the Dark side and is only reflected in the mirror.

        THEN he stops to really examine and look and suddenly Dark appears. and then he can see.

        also, with the comment on the eyes, that in the end Adam’s eye colors seem opposite by actually I thought it was reflect not the room colors but the two side colors so Dark on the left had yellow eyes and Light on the right had blue and that was the same with the whole Adam at the end, yellow left and blue right, he encompasses both.

        Can I just say thats its such a great video that it makes you really sit and examine it so much. It reflects Adam’s intelligence and penchant for self reflection.

      • adiisp says:

        Mmm, the pomegranate represents the Goddess Rhea (Seven Seas of Rhye)! The dark side appears to be harming Love but it’s really interesting that it’s him who reaches out in the end (the white knight). Listening to Sleepwalker that sounds entirely true.

    • There were definitely moments where it seemed that Light Adam could see the Dark side.. he looked pretty disapproving when Dark Adam was dumping out the tequila and concerned when the fire started but yes, perhaps there was a certain “veil” intended between the two where Light Adam was more sheltered from his dark side. I do find it interesting that Dark Adam seemed unaffected by the oxygen/smoke issue. I’m not sure what was intended by that. Thanks so much for sharing your comments! 🙂

      • Also the apparent contrast between the temperatures of the two rooms, with Light Adam’s sunny and warm enough to need a little fan, while Dark Adam seemed to be wrapping his arms around himself as a defense against the cold, both literally and emotionally I think.

        I’m legit fascinated by the interplay between the two Adams, so many great moments I’m not sure I can pick a favorite, although Light Adam side eyeing and headshaking at Dark Adam gleefully pouring out the booze onto the floor is deff near the top lol. And Light Adam sweetly pushing the chessboard toward Dark Adam. And … well I could keep going forever hah.

      • It’s true, it seemed like there was a desire to connect there from both sides all along, but a.. difference of opinion.. lol 🙂

  14. adamfan says:

    Great review for a great video.

  15. Deb Murphy says:

    Loved your review. I wrote quite a bit as a reply to LisaW so I don’t want to repeat all that. I probably should have just written it as my own but I didn’t expect to expand so much…okay so I was a blithering idiot but Adam does that to me. …and here I go again..hahaha
    Just Love Adam soooo much and appreciate your sermon!!! Thank you.

  16. Amanda Kurtz says:

    I love your review!!! 😀 It is the best one I have read so far, and being overly-obsessed, I read quite a few! 😉 Anyway, I think your analysis is excellent!

  17. Gleaux says:

    Great entertaining and intellectual review of an incredibly well thought out and psychologically complex piece of work that you don’t normally see in a music video. Adam is definitely evolving as an artist and as a creative force in this world. He is obviously very intelligent and insightful and wants to encourage people to think, look below the surface and broaden their perspective while also being entertained. He appears to enjoy using symbolism to achieve this effect and it certainly lends depth to his work. We have seen glimpses of this all along but he is now really coming into his own.

    My first “Ahaah” moment with Adam was when I realized the symbolism of the scarlet letter “A” on his top hat during the GNT tour. At first I thought it was just the letter A for Adam done in an unusual script. When the full meaning of it hit me I was way beyond impressed by such a cheeky and intelligent way to respond to the furor over the AMA incident.

    Yes indeed! This is going to be an interesting and enjoyable ride.

    • I hadn’t heard about the scarlet “A” on his hat during that tour. That’s very clever! I like. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

      • Cheryl says:

        He also wore the same suit to the AMA presentation this year that he wore when he got lambasted in ’09. Always subtle but to the point!

      • LisaW says:

        Gleaux, oh the Scarlette A, yes again nothing is without thought with Adam its one reason he is so much fun to follow, he loves being subversive but sometimes in quiet thoughtful ways. The best is when he is being interviewed by a radio guy during the GNT and stars talking about the A, how like Hester society has chosen to slap the “sinner” label on him and like her he has chosen to embrace it and slap that big red A right on myself, out front where everyone can see it. Talkes about the book and the author Hawthorne and the radio dude is just totally lost…….LOL clearly had NO IDEA what Adam was talking about.

        We would all be fans if he were just a cute guy with an amazing voice but its discovering all these other great things about him that makes you totally adore the guy.

      • Gleaux says:

        @LisaW I didn’t see/hear that interview when he taslked about “The Scarlett Letter” but I would love to. Do you remember where it was done? Adam’s fans have recorded and saved just about everything since day one so I could probably find it if I knew what city or what radio station.

        I agree with you, Adam is endlessly fascinating. His voice is phenominal for sure but there is so much more to admire about him as well. I’m addicted. 🙂

  18. Cubic says:

    Love yr review! And another thing is each side’s eyes color match the opposite room’s color. This could mean that there is light in the dark Adam and light Adam is constantly battling the dark within him. In the end, a balance is achieved. I’m also analyzing this WAY too much! hahha

  19. Dally says:

    Ha!! An intelligent mind (like my own) lol! This is how I saw the video too! However, I will admit you pointed out some things I missed. I will point out Adam’s wardrobe in the final scene is a combination of good and bad Adam. He still has the black leather but also the relaxed zen style too. I too think nothing in the video is coincidence. Not with Ray Kay as the director and Adam Lambert as the subject.

    I think Dark Adam was unaffected by the smoke because he started the fire. I believe the whole video is metaphorical. Dark Adam wants to smother light Adam in one of his temper tantrums.

    • I also think it may be signifying that negativity/dark side can be poison and eventually kill off the light if you let it. Like the light Adam represents the positive, healthy life that one could lead if they were able to always be in control of their dark impulses. The light Adam’s breakdown when the oxygen went out was an incident where the dark overpowered the light temporarily, perhaps.. a moment of weakness.

      • LisaW says:

        ok wow mind=blown haha. no seriously that is so insightful, I was wondering about the smoke thing & why it didnt affect the Dark this is a great explanation…….

        As a person who was once very self destructive, this is all very facinating to me. I assumed when I heard about the video that we would see the light side saving the dark so I loved the twist that he had gone too far on his own……and has to pull back from the edge to save himself…….

      • adiisp says:

        No. Uh-uh. The temper tantrum is a means of getting attention, meaning that the dark does want the light, and the light always needs the dark. But at first they don’t know how to deal with each other, hence the unbalance. By balance is not meant ok, I need two equal halves of this and that, because that way you still have that mirror separation. Think of the quote from LotR, “Night too shall be beautiful and blessed and all its fear pass away”. It’s not about control, because you cannot control it- for every action there is always a reaction. “Weakness” is part of the old paradigm, the separation of Black and White – in the new paradigm weakness is embraced and becomes strength.

  20. A+ deep dive analysis! LOVE.

    This is totes my new fave video, hands down.

  21. Ann says:

    Really great review explain very well the video concept. Thank you for you support!!

    I agree this video and the song so far one of the best of 2012, It is pure pop heaven and Adam looks like an angel his voice and gourgeousness a gift of GOD for the world.

  22. I’m not quite as eloquent as your other readers might be, but I know when I love an article! I love this!! I think you are spot on about this gorgeous new video of Adam’s! I am so in love with this artist & his work! I love him from afar! LOL! Hope he gets all the Good in the world because he deserves it! Really believe he will be on the big screen one day! I REALLY enjoyed your article!! Please keep following Adam’s career and writing about him! Thank you so much!!!

    • No need to worry about eloquence, besides you did just fine! 🙂 We’re all brought together by our love for the video and for Adam’s music. 🙂 Sometimes it really can be just that simple. Music is a universal language.

  23. lovingadam1031 says:

    Best and most interesting review of Adam’s video yet. I’ve never seen a music video that I want to watch multiple times because it’s that good. So far I’ve probably viewed it 40 + times. Each time I see something I missed the last time I watched. This video deserves to be #1 on Billboard, Vh1 and every other chart. The song itself should already be #1 but w/o promo it won’t chart that high. Hope RCA starts promo for song and video very soon while interest is up.

  24. Dally says:

    As far as Light Adam being aware of Dark Adam………everyone is aware of their dark side. They may try to live in denial but everyone at some level knows they have a dark side. Whether it be having a temper tantrum, losing your temper, posting mean things on the Internet, drinking in excess or thinking dark thoughts. It’s there in everyone. Some more than others ie Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman and Newt Gingrich. (Had to get that in). Did you see that disturbing Rollingstone Article http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/one-towns-war-on-gay-teens-20120202

    • I hadn’t read it but I just did and that’s so terrible. 😦 I have always appreciated Rolling Stone’s human interest pieces. Great journalism. What a terrible situation, though 😦 Definitely agree with your comments about being aware of the darkness within us as well. Thanks so much for commenting.

  25. Lauriellen says:

    I started a thread on Adamofficial.com about finding all the interesting contrasts and someone linked to this wonderful review/article. The video is brilliant and I’m learning so much from everyone who is posting their observations in the thread. http://www.adamofficial.com/us/node/2110117#comment-2111100

  26. Cheryl says:

    One thing I noticed before this great review is that Adam does everything with his left and right hand. He writes with both left and right, he tosses the pomegrante from right to left, and he hold his cup with his right and left hand. Almost as an offering of openess in his actions. As a Libra I know that I see both sides sometimes equally and people call me the peacemaker. Light Adam’s attraction as somewhat pure and somewhat naive. When the dark Adam sees he is destroying the best in himself, he shows concern and breaks through to offer his hand. The fact that L Adam’s back is to D Adam tells me L Adam was turning away from what he didn’t understand. He at one time invited his D Adam to join him in the game of chess, but in the end he turned away from D Adam feeling defeated.

  27. I love that the BTIKM video has provoked such discussion. I find myself viewing over and over and the observations by some are so on point and make me aware of things I have missed and the need to view again and again. There are so many facets to what seems to be a simple entertaining video of light and dark. Each time I view I feel I am reading some great novel and loving each page I read. I have watched POP videos over the past year and just shake my head at the self indulgence and big production involved with nothing behind it or making it so complicated to understand that it loses the meaning the artist was trying to convey. Won’t mention names. The greatness of the BTIKM video is that it connects to each of us as we each have our own duality of light and dark. We live it each day of lives. Adam and Ray Kay understood that complicated is not the best approach to understanding and let our eyes, experience and thought take in everything to understand. Observation is the key. I admit I get distracted by the Adam’s gorgeousness so have to view over and overI am so blown away by this video. I have never seen anything like it. You can have your Madonna, Gaga videos. This videos is what I yearn for. It speaks to our minds and hearts and makes us think, but yet is so entertaining. The vocals are so beyond understand and Adam’s gorgeousness just makes it even more addictive. That last shot of the whole Adam blows me away each and every time. How can anyone not fall in love with that face, that voice, the intelligence, The absolute beauty of the man. The Light and dark side!! They make him what he is is, which is a gift from the gods!!

    • adiisp says:

      Hi! I’m so glad people are discussing these videos and finding meaning – I’ve been looking at the stuff for about 10 years now, discovering new levels; and it’s quite true that Adam has some unparallelled depth there, perhaps only by those things he admires himself, the “tradition” as it were. But that doesn’t mean Madonna or Gaga videos aren’t as deep. One thing I came to learn in these past years is that everything, even the trashiest pop production, is part of the same Spirit, communicating subtle things all the time. The language used is different, however. It may not appeal to everyone but it’s important that it’s there. I’ve just watched the film “Gaga by Gaultier” and it blew me away, finally understanding that I am exactly like her – save the performing aspect – and that these artists really embody “the next level” of evolution (that’s why she comes out of an egg! lol). It’s the “freaks” that are those necessary “mutations” for evolution to take place. And they realize this about themselves in a unique way that also changes things for us “fans” (I’m sort of past the fandom status, I see myself as an artist/consciousness worker but I do follow these people’s work with enthusiasm). Adam’s work isn’t like a fine Persian carpet, it’s like a fine Atlantean carpet! That’s where the duality/emotion intensification comes from. And at the same time, Alexander McQueen sent Gaga his whole “Plato’s Atlantis” collection… what does that suggest? I mean – wow…

  28. @popmessiahblog I meant to thank you for your review of the BTIKM video. When I read what you said the other day I was taken back. How Madonna’s video was better than Adam’s when I knew you had only seen the previews of the BTIKM and not the whole video. After seeing them both I really could not understand why you so quickly came to this judgment. I have admired your writing and reviews in the past. One of my favorites is your review of the Trespassing songs so your comments the other day threw me off balance. I love how your review has evoked such a thought provoking discussion. Adam has made pop less frivolous and more real, yet so exciting and entertaining!!

    • Hi Barbara! I’m not sure which comments you mean, because I haven’t actually commented much about Madonna’s new video yet and I definitely don’t think that her video is better than this one! Is there an imposter pop messiah out there spreading their own words? 🙂 I’m very glad that you enjoy this piece, however and I appreciate you providing such great feedback!

  29. VJ says:

    I loved your review. I nuts about this video, I’ve been discussing it quite a bit, and you introduced some new thoughts to me. I do have a question, though.

    “Interestingly, the sides are inverted from the viewer’s perspective.”

    The yellow eye (representing dark Adam) is on the left, the blue eye (representing light Adam) is on the right, which is the same way the rooms were set up. I’m not sure what you mean by inverted?

    Two new things just occurred to me, though. Since the eyes match the rooms, from the perspective of someone looking into Adam’s eyes, that makes me feel like the eyes are meant to be windows into each half. Further, it hadn’t occurred to me before, but each half’s eyes match the other half’s palette. I had simply assumed that yellow eyes were meant to be devilish, while Adam’s blue eyes were pure and natural. But each half of the taijitu has the seed of the other, so now I imagine the yellow eyes to be the seed of yang, and the blue eyes to be the seed of yin.

    Thanks so much for the awesome review and the food for thought.

  30. Rise2thetop says:

    Bravo! So spot on! The depth of imagery is incredible. Look deep inside, yet beyond the man, and the symbols of humanity, self are everywhere. Genius, pure genius.

  31. Cathym says:

    Thought provoking video, not surprising from such a smart and articulate young man. I have watched Adams progression for the last 3years and have NEVER been disappointed. He is the most talented singer in the music industry today , his vocals are amazing! Love the video and the artist!<3

  32. Danish says:

    I can’t get enough of this video! Or of reading everyone’s interpretations of it! It is fascinating to me. I believe with you that everything down to the tiniest detail was given great thought. I’ve watched the vid many times already but feel like I’ve just exposed the tip of the icebert, I mean iceberg. LOVE your review. Thanks so much!!

  33. Melissa Toronto says:

    Fantastic review!! You are not the only one who disect every little detail, lol:)

  34. Thankyou so ,much for your very thorough and glowing review of the extremely talented Adam Lambert’s new video for BTIKM. As a huge fan and proud Glambert I was absolutely blown away by this video! Ray Kay and Adam are a brilliant team together as I understand Adam had a lot of say in the making of this video. It certainly helps that Adam is also an amazing actor as I don’t think the video would have come off quite so well. My gut feeling is this is Adam’s year to become an even more huge global star than he already is and judging from the reviews of other tracks on Tresspassing he may well win multiple awards for it during awards season in 2013. May we count you as one of our very diverse and worldwide Glambert family?? We would love that. 🙂

  35. Thanks man for this review. It is nice that someone bothers to look a little deeper. Love it myself and appreciate the commentary.

  36. Carolina says:

    Great review! I still look for other nuances and meaning in this fabulous video. Adam has really outdone himself. The song is great and Adam looks like a movie star!

  37. Jem says:

    Thank you! Great review of this superb video! I think Light Adam reacts more to Dark Adam than at 1st glance. I’ve watched the clip over and over and Light Adam seems troubled and dismayed at Dark Adam’s actions but that’s just my perspective. Adam dramatises both sides extremely well. He’s a very talented guy.

  38. adiisp says:

    … and when you understand that Love is what unites the two sides? :)) Like Michael said (and it wasn’t just about race or color, because racism is originally derived from this Cosmic/religious battle instead), “If you’re thinkin’ ’bout my Baby it don’t matter if you’re black or white”. Also Jesus, lol, originally said to look inside and unite these sides in yourself, because “what is called sin” is when you act out against yourself but there is no “sin” outside anywhere. So it comes down to loving yourself, because all the good vs evil is just the drama in your own mind. We’re a bipolar bunch at this level, lol!
    I love your humorous review (“responsible things” haha) and like other readers have said, it pointed out things I have missed (the warm/cold is my favourite!). But the more fun I have in this fandom, the sadder I get about Queen Fans being so closed up (though I haven’t looked recently) – there’s the exact same “Persian carpet” and dark/light stuff there too, but anytime anybody tries to say anything about it, it’s like “oh, why don’t you just enjoy the music and stop analyzing”. Hmm, becaaaause, it’s what makes it so great – the intelligence, the sheer delight in discovery/decoding. This is real fun and I’m just beyond relieved that people like Adam can be brought to us and create such things in the present time. I agree with other commenters here that keeping it simple enough is the key – this is a mark of living in the Now and reaching out to people directly, not getting entangled within the labyrinth of one’s own mind (something I am prone to do – my own dark side there). It is of real interest to me nowadays, the connection with human beings through “acceptance” artworks like this one: when you make an artwork that unites light & dark, it paves the way for humanity to be enhanced as a whole, beyond the images/shadows of Self. So I hope everyone can let go of the whole “icon” agenda and connect with the human level – an icon happens when these two sides are not understood. It means “image” and can act as a doorway to what’s inside, but it has been a very destructive programme for these human beings that became stars in the past.


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