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The Glee-kly Recap: It’s Ladies’ Night, Gleeks! (oh yeah, Election Day too!)

It’s been only two weeks since the last new episode of Glee aired, but to this Gleek it feels like a lifetime. How about you?

Tonight, Glee returned on FOX to the delight of Gleeks everywhere who were left devastated by the events that took place in the amazing but intense final five minutes of Season 3’s sixth episode: “Mash Off”. If you don’t recall, our favorite still-in-the-closet, tough-as-nails, Cheerios Captain: Santana was faced with being an unfortunate casualty of a political slur campaign which is about to result in her being outed on a television spot to her entire hometown. To add insult to injury, she’s hardly come to terms with being a lesbian herself, let alone admitted it to her family. Her inner conflict and anger are all directed at a Mr. Finn Hudson – who called her out on her repressed sexuality in the hallway at school and unfortunately someone overheard and started this whole mess resulting in one hell of a slap in the face at last episode’s conclusion.

On top of furthering Santana’s story arc, this episode also promises to bring two of this season’s main storylines to a head. It’s a double election day! We will see the race for McKinley High’s Senior Class President and the Congressional Race come to a close. Who will win? How will the losers take it? It’s a nail-biter, folks. A NAIL-BITER!!!

An early synopsis of the episode also states that the Puck/Quinn/Shelby storyline becomes more complicated and that there’s some sort of “shocking” event that will complicate New Directions’ chances to compete at Sectionals. Read on for my reactions, opinions and general musings about Glee’s latest episode: “I Kissed A Girl”.

(As always, and I’m sure you all realize this, there are many many spoilers after the break. You’ve been warned.)

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REVELATIONS: Victoria Duffield

REVELATIONS” is a new feature here at where we present an emerging or at least new-to-us pop culture personality. For our first installment; we present Canada’s latest Pop music offering: Victoria Duffield.

Victoria Duffield is an emerging pop singer/songwriter from British Columbia, Canada. Her debut single: “Shut Up & Dance” (Warner Music Canada) is an infectious dance floor filler that I can’t get away from – nor do I actually want to!

In high rotation on “The Nation’s Music Station”, Much Music, the video for this wonderful little track features So You Think You Can Dance Canada alum; Rodrigo Basurto in the role of “phantom choreographer” to Victoria who we find rehearsing with great determination. Ok, so he’s probably not a phantom, but we will call him a *somewhat* antagonistic force (even if only in her imagination) who helps to motivate Victoria to get the steps down. While one video isn’t enough to truly know what an artist is all about, in this clip Victoria is oozing “Baby One More Time” era Britney, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Check it out, below:

A trained dancer and singer since she was a child and a classically trained Pianist to boot, Duffield was discovered the “old fashioned” way (i.e. not on YouTube) when the VP of A&R at Warner Music Canada heard some of her demo work. In addition to music and dancing, Victoria also has a lot of acting work under her belt.

If this first single is any indication, Victoria Duffield may have a great career ahead of her on the Canadian pop charts and maybe even beyond! Check her out and spread the word!

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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? (Rihanna – “Talk That Talk”)

Rihanna – “Talk That Talk”

Released on 11/21/2011 – Buy on iTunes: Standard Edition | Deluxe Edition

“Talk That Talk” Deluxe Edition (Cover)

This week, Judgement Day has finally come for Rihanna’s latest album: “Talk That Talk“.

Before my first listen I must admit that I was feeling some skepticism. Drawing early compaisons to the likes of Madonna’s controversial 1992 album: “Erotica”, it seems that “Talk That Talk” (at least in my mind) had some big, media-hyped shoes to fill. (“Erotica” is probably my favorite offering from Her Madgesty).

I’ll also confess that while I’ve always grown to love her infectious singles, and the occasional other album track, I have never truly found myself obsessed with any of her previous albums from start to finish. I say with absolutely no disdain or dislike that for me, Rihanna has always been a singles artist.

Based on the hype I’ve been reading about this album, I felt I needed to give it a spin and a fair chance to impress me. Let’s find out if RiRi really can put her money where her mouth is.. track by track:

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The Glee-kly Recap: It’s “World War Glee” and It’s Getting Personal

Editor’s Note: I really do have to learn not to post anything in a rush. Being the anal-retentive fellow that I am I just spent an hour revising and editing and correcting a lot of punctuation errors and sloppy, inaccurate recapping from the original post. Sorry for the mess posted earlier, but enjoy it’s now-perfected state! – Dean 😉

Happy Tuesday, Gleeks!

Ok, I admit that as I write this it’s actually the early morning hours of Wednesday and by the time I post it, it will likely be late Wednesday afternoon, but who has time for semantics when there’s so much Gleek-ly recapping to get to?!!

This week:

  • Blaine finally takes a back seat and lets someone else have some spotlight for once, but not without some scene stealing dance moves!

  • We finally get some dodgeball action, which may be the reason for -or- inspired by this seasons promo/marketing campaign.

  • Quinn continues to be annoying, whiny, self-hating and stupid while Puck continues kissing up to Shelby, the adopted mother of his child and teacher at his high school.

  • The race for Senior Class President / Congress / Best McKinley High glee club REALLY heats up!

  • Santana insults everyone and everything, but not without consequences…

Read on for the all of the juicy details about Season 3’s sixth episode: “Mash Off”. Spoilers ahead… Obviously.

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An Act of Contrition: Lady Gaga is Redeemed for her Most Serious Blunder

I am relatively comfortable saying, that I am a little monster. That being said, Gaga’s famous fan base have developed a pretty negative reputation for being rabid to anyone who dare to criticize Mother Monster. I, being of the mind that it’s perfectly okay to be critical of an artist you respect and even love, wouldn’t dream of following any artist, including Gaga, blindly and have always had moments where I thought Gaga had made a misstep.

Never was there a more WTF moment for me than the day that Gaga revealed the artwork for her sophomore album: Born This Way! It was April 16th, 2011 and @ladygaga tweeted: “Attention Little Monsters BIG NEWS; I will unveil the Born This Way album cover at 1am EST tonight. PUT YOUR PAWS UP! #BTWcover.” Twitter went into a frenzy as the media and little monsters alike awaited the big reveal. It came as promised, at 1:00am EST…

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