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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? Victoria Duffield – Shut Up and Dance

After releasing three very solid singles and making Canadian pop music lovers wait for what seems like an eternity, British Columbia’s own Victoria Duffield released her new album/EP: “Shut Up and Dance” with Warner Music Canada on August 21st, 2012!

While I would honestly hesitate to call any release that boasts only 8 tracks an “album,” as an EP, “Shut Up and Dance” displays a lot of potential from the 17 year old pop starlet and Duffield displays the dancing prowess and delightfully listenable vocals of Britney Spears circa 1999 (as in “Baby One More Time.“) Much like Spears’ debut, “Shut Up” has hits and misses, but one can’t reasonably expect someone to have their sound perfected at the tender age of 17, even if presently her sound can be defined as distinctly POP – as in bubblegum. Before you make a flash judgement about my intentions in using this description, I would like to add that as far as the Pop Gods are concerned, there is absolutely nothing wrong with bubblegum!

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Riches You Could Never See: Sarah Slean’s “Society Song” (Music Video)

In early January, 2012, Pop Heaven’s own Sarah Slean posed a question to her fans on Twitter:


I, being a vessel placed on this earth solely to spread the good word of the Pop Gods, immediately received a divine communication that despite each and every track on the brilliant two-disc opus “Land & Sea” truly being worthy of a video treatment, their divine will was that her next visual masterpiece should be the sassy stomper “Society Song.” (Whoa, tongue twister!)

As is my duty, I immediately passed this information on to Slean via Twitter. To my delight, she responded – rather appropriately with:

“SWEET HEAVEN” indeed! Pop Heaven! Based on her enthusiasm it was nearly a certainty that I was about to become the hot new commodity in Canadian music video art direction. As such, I patiently awaited a phone call from Sarah, or from her people.

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Pop Messiah’s Summer Hymns (2012 Edition)

A few weeks back I started making a playlist of all of my favorite tracks this summer. Most of them are recent releases, but a few are older tracks that never got the opportunity to truly be summer smash hits. I thought it would be fun to share them all with you. In the spirit of keeping things legal, I found a cool site called 8Track, which reports all plays to the RIAA to ensure that artists are collecting royalties, and though it’s not downloadable – you will be able to listen to the tracks whenever you like and there are purchase links embedded in case you decide you love any of our picks so much you just HAVE to have it for yourself!!

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