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Judgement Day (Special Edition): “Go to Pop Hell!” (Some of) The Worst of 2011!

For the first time since was conceived this past October, Judgement Day will delive into the mysterious world of Pop Hell!

Don’t be afraid, Pop Hell isn’t exactly a terrifying place but moreso one that is very hard to take seriously. In addition to eternal fires and barren landscapes, in Pop Hell you’re very likely to find the following:

  • Unlikeable, annoying or offensive Pop Culture personalities and others that are just too cheesy or ridiculous to be tolerated.
  • Super awful/shameful TV shows
  • Terrible trainwreck movies that we love to hate!
  • Novelty songs (i.e. Macarena, The Ketchup Song, Cotton-Eyed Joe)
  • Neon Clothing
  • and last but not least – occasional blunders from our faves! This doesn’t mean that we here at truly think these artists are awful, just that they are human and occasionally make big, stinky, steaming mistakes from time to time which honestly, someone needs to tell them the truth about lest they continue to think that sort of thing is ok.

The following is a list of some of the more popular additions (many of which are from our faves…) to Pop Hell from 2011! May we never speak of them again!

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