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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP live on iTunesFestival!


For those of us who follow pop music closely, it seems that Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP has been almost too long-a-time coming. Gaga has never been great at keeping secrets, so while she was practically still in the middle of promoting her last album: Born This Way, she revealed the name of her next album, which at the time, was expected to be released by the end of 2012. An unfortunate and near devastating hip injury, a partially-cancelled (very expensive) tour, a seeming public backlash and a whole lot of delays later, Gaga is back in the spotlight with a new single, and just finished playing an opening slot at the iTunes Festival in London, having played seven never-before-heard tracks from the the much abuzzed ARTPOP, ahead of it’s November 11th release date.


How was her first concert performance, post-injury? How did the newly debuted ARTPOP tracks fare at the gates of Pop Heaven? You’ll have to read on to find out, and you can even watch the performance and decide for yourself!

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Judgement Day (Special Edition): 2nd Annual Out East Queer Film Festival (Halifax N.S.)

OUTEAST-logo copy

The 2nd annual Out East Queer Film Festival was held from June 20th to 23rd at the Neptune Studio Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Last year I wasn’t able to attend, but after catching a bit of the Inside Out Film Festival when I visited Toronto this past May, I decided that I would try and take in as much of OutEast this year as I could, and that equated to pretty much all of it! My bestie (Heather) and I, purchased an AllOut Festival Pass (granting access to all events and screenings) and set out on a weekend-long journey through a wide-range of LGBTI cinema!

It was an exciting and action-packed, but still delightfully intimate affair. In addition to movies, there were champagne toasts, disco dance parties, art exhibits, retro dance nights, a Big Gay Prom, extremely dreamy visiting artists (who also sang Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey songs), pink popcorn, a festival-exclusive hanky code and an awards brunch. All of this, squished into four humid days in downtown Halifax!

As for the films, they consisted of mostly documentaries this year, three straight-up docs, one explicit doc/drama hybrid, a program of shorts, and a hilarious teen comedy.

More on each of the feature films screened at the festival, after the jump…

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Kenny & Dolly’s “Once Upon A Christmas”: The Greatest Gift of All!!

I used to think it was something to be terribly ashamed of; I thought that admitting my favorite-ever Christmas album would be globally reviled as the ultimate sign of being a redneck. In place of the truth I would pick a super safe bet like Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas” to which everyone (of course) would simply agree because Mariah’s was one of very VERY few holiday albums in the last 20 years to produce a true, original holiday classic. Over time I have come to realize that my favorite Christmas album of all time is shared by many and I’m no longer afraid to admit it so today, on Christmas Eve 2011, I share it with all of you: my fellow disciples of the Church of Pop.

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Judgement Day (Special Edition): Atlantic Film Festival 2012 pt. 2

The 32nd annual Atlantic Film Festival here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, came to a close on September 20th! I’ve seen loads of wonderful films and over the next week or two I’ll be continuing to post my thoughts on all of the screenings I took in! Along with a written review of each screening, the Pop Gods will also decide if each film should be allowed passage into Pop Heaven, banished to Pop Hell or forgotten about in the dreary fogs of Pop Limbo (arguably the worst fate of all, as at least those who go to Pop Hell have made a lasting impression!)

On my second night at the festival, I set out to take in a total of five screenings starting at 2:00pm and finishing up by 2:00am! In a moment of Deja Vu, I totally wussed out of the late night screening yet again due to sheer exhaustion, but I did take in four very different and very cool films. One dark and moody piece from Atlantic Canada, a documentary on the Disco era, a charming coming-of-age piece about acting your age and a somewhat oddball comedy about a gay man and his female best friend trying to make a baby the “old fashioned” way.

More on each of these films, after the jump…

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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? Victoria Duffield – Shut Up and Dance

After releasing three very solid singles and making Canadian pop music lovers wait for what seems like an eternity, British Columbia’s own Victoria Duffield released her new album/EP: “Shut Up and Dance” with Warner Music Canada on August 21st, 2012!

While I would honestly hesitate to call any release that boasts only 8 tracks an “album,” as an EP, “Shut Up and Dance” displays a lot of potential from the 17 year old pop starlet and Duffield displays the dancing prowess and delightfully listenable vocals of Britney Spears circa 1999 (as in “Baby One More Time.“) Much like Spears’ debut, “Shut Up” has hits and misses, but one can’t reasonably expect someone to have their sound perfected at the tender age of 17, even if presently her sound can be defined as distinctly POP – as in bubblegum. Before you make a flash judgement about my intentions in using this description, I would like to add that as far as the Pop Gods are concerned, there is absolutely nothing wrong with bubblegum!

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