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Judgement Day: Revisited: Simon Curtis – 8-Bit Heart

“Revisited” will aim to re-discover music, movies, etc. of years past! This review was written back in 2010 for a blog project with a friend that didn’t last, I thought it would be fun to re-post even though the album is a bit older. It is, however, still available for free download. Details are below!

Simon Curtis – 8-Bit Heart

There once was a boy who was made, not created. He wanted to learn. He wanted to indulge his senses, to understand pain. But most of all, he wanted to love. For only when he found true love would he become real.”

With those opening words begin “8-Bit Heart”: a beautifully twisted electronic fairy tale about a boy robot’s search for true love in a world of humans who “complicate the word”. An album released solely on the interwebs (for now, at least) back on 03/24/2010 by a young (and completely adorable) young talent named Simon Curtis.

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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? (Kelly Clarkson / “Stronger”)

Kelly Clarkson – Stronger
Released: October 24, 2011 Worldwide! (Purchase it on iTunes: Standard / Deluxe)

THE SHORT: “Stronger” is a powerhouse set that manages to blend soul, country, dance, pop and rock into a cohesive album referencing Kelly’s past eras and venturing into throwback territory with a strong 80’s and 90’s influence. While it has big shoes to fill, and I’ve always asserted that “My December” is Kelly’s masterpiece, “Stronger” is, hands down, Clarkson’s best overall album to date.

(For track by track reactions and previews of several album tracks you can check out the long version after the break…)

THE LONG (I’m not kidding, I’m long winded and if there is one person this guy can ‘fangirl’ over, it’s Saint Kellegend: Our Lady of Broken Hearts)

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Ladies & Gentlemen,

We are gathered here today in celebration of popular culture. I, being of reasonably sound mind and somewhat curvy body have decided to finally answer one of my many callings: to realize my dream of becoming Canada’s first celebrity blogger.

Ok, so maybe I’m not Canada’s answer to Perez Hilton, but frankly who wants to be? Blogs that post snark and gossip are a dime a dozen and I want to do something different.

Last year, at a New Years Eve shindig a friend was throwing, I was slightly intoxicated, nibbling on a variety of hors d’oeuvres and engaging in conversation about a countdown show of the “Top 100 Music Videos of All Time” when a complete stranger who was in attendance asked me if I was a professional critic. In the moment, I wasn’t sure if this inquiry was representative of a positive or a negative perception of my personality, but she added: “It just seems like you have very well-thought out opinions and you come across as a writer or a critic.”

A little seed was planted that night. I’ve been mulling it over in my head and over time I found myself inspired by a number of people I follow on Twitter. Being someone who always likes to give credit where it is due, I’m happy to give them a shoutout and honor their contributions.

The adorable and uber-talented: Simon Curtis. Photo by Tyler Shields

One day I was rifling through my mp3’s when I came across a song called “Pop Messiah” by Simon Curtis. (Check out Simon on Twitter!)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mr. Curtis, he is an independent pop singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles who used social media to garner an impressive online following. His 2010 album “8 Bit Heart”, hyped up using Twitter and offered from his website to fans for free, was downloaded more than 80 thousand times in it’s first week of release and the follow up: 2011’s “R∆” made the top 200 album charts on iTunes in 12 Countries with no label backing or promotion. The song’s title and popstar referrential lyrics brought to mind cover stories and headlines dubbing some hot new commodity as “The Pop Messiah.”

The Holy Spearit

I’d also noticed a trend where many of my favorite bloggers (i.e. Bradley Stern & Sam Lansky of MuuMuse) as well as many artist superfans were creating nicknames for their favorite pop artists that were based in Religion. Artists like Britney Spears earned names like “Godney” and “The Holy Spearit”. Similarly, Beyonce Knowles became “Beysus”

While I’ve always been a believer in objective, critical-when-deserved fandom, this idea of almost religious reverance of pop culture personalities is fascinating from a sociological standpoint but also it’s just plain fun and very inspiring from a visual approach. I began to contemplate how I too have several artists, musicians and filmmakers that I “Stan” for. Artists that I deeply respect and admire who in many ways, can do no wrong in my eyes. From these sources of inspiration spawned the idea to create and design this blog.

Some of you may ask if I worried that the title/theme may be offensive to some. It certainly was on my radar, but “messiah” can mean : a professed or accepted leader of some hope or cause. So, while I hope that you, the people, accept me – I will profess my passion and adoration for popular culture and do my very best to bring you some top notch music and movie reviews, artist profiles, interviews and anything else my twisted little mind can think up. I look forward to enlightening you in any way I can.

In the name of Madonna, (Clark)Son & The Holy Spearit. A-dele. Now go forth and praise Beysus

Note: If you are the artist responsible for any of the images above, please let me know.

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