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The Glee-kly Recap: Glee Pays Tribute in “Dance With Somebody”

Well hello again Gleeks, is it that time again!? It feels like I just finished last week’s recap and it’s already time for another. True; that may be because I literally just finished last week’s recap mere hours before this week’s episode aired, but no matter.

This week Glee paid tribute to the late legend, Whitney Houston. I’m all loaded up with tissues, popcorn and a chocolate bar so I can eat my feelings before they come pouring out!  I think I am ready for this. How about you?

Just in case you didn’t catch Glee last week:
(Here’s what you missed, on GLEE!)

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The Glee-kly Recap: We’re Burning Up with “Saturday Night Glee-ver!”

In this installment we recap “Saturday Night Glee-ver”, which features songs from the soundtrack of Disco movie classic: Saturday Night Fever. Along with a whopping eight musical numbers, we can expect lots and lots of cheese (and I don’t mean “Fondue for Two” but I don’t think there are many people who would be upset if I did!).

Just in case you’re a couple of episodes behind: (here’s what you missed.. on GLEE!)

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The Glee-kly Recap: “Big Brother” Makes a Few Mistakes, but All Ends Well.

Welcome back, Gleeks! (Do you like the new feature logo?)

After an excruciating 7 week hiatus, we’re promised that the last 7 episodes of Season 3 will air consecutively with no re-runs until the end of the season. Additionally, season 4 was officially announced today via FOX and the show’s stars on Twitter. I didn’t realize that it hadn’t already been renewed and I don’t think it was likely to be cancelled just yet, but still – we have that to look forward to!

All in all, today is a great day for Gleeks. Well unless the episode sucks, I suppose.

In case you can’t remember where we left off…

(Here’s what you missed, on GLEE!)

This episode, entitled “Big Brother” promises to reveal the outcome of Finn & Rachel’s wedding as well as Quinn’s fate after what appears to be a rather serious car accident which served as the cliff hanger for the last aired episode. Also, we are to be introduced to Blaine’s older brother, played by guest star: Matt Bomer.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? Darren Hayes – Stupid Mistake (Music Video)

“Stupid Mistake”, the fourth single from Darren Hayes 2011 album: “Secret Codes and Battleships”, would not have been an obvious single candidate in my opinion. While I do adore the track, I expected the perkier sounding “Don’t Give Up” or the stunning “Cruel Cruel World” would be the more likely choices. That being said, any amount of new Darren singles is a wonderful thing in my opinion and once the news set in I realized that the truly confusing question is why this exquisite body of work has yet to receive any promotion in North America (I can’t even find a hard copy of this album in our record stores here in Eastern Canada. Check out my album review!), but I digress.

On Monday, April 9th, 2012 the video for “Stupid Mistake”, directed by Hayes’ husband Richard under the moniker of Pixelfink, debuted on Hayes’ official YouTube channel. The clip takes and transforms a song that seems at first like an admission and acceptance of guilt in retrospect of a betrayal and reveals that sometimes the deeper betrayal may be an internal one.

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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? Madonna – MDNA

In the spirit of Her Madgesty’s penchant for re-invention, I’ve decided to change the format of my regular Judgement Day: Heaven or Hell album reviews and try out a new approach with my rather late review of much abuzzed #1 album MDNA. Enjoy! – Dean

Despite their complete domination of the pop charts over the last few years, it’s really not easy being a pop starlet.

In today’s musical climate female pop artists are endlessly pitted against one-another in fanbase and media-created feuds. They are often criticized for acting “too old” when they’re younger and “too young” when they’re older. They are subjected to endless public scrutiny for their appearance and resort to extreme measures to stay young and beautiful. In recent years we’ve entered a derivative era in popular culture where we continue to reference and remake our own very recent past. Despite this being the trend, many artists are constantly accused of “ripping off” songs, costumes, and choreography from one another and basically damned if they do/damned if they don’t.

Leading up to the release of MDNA on March 23rd, there was a lot of speculation and concern from fans and music lovers at large. Madonna’s last release, 2008’s Hard Candy was widely panned as some of her weakest material to date. While the album contained a few shining gems, it was a far cry from the woman who brought us the bold and ballsy brilliance of 1992’s Erotica and the stunning introspection of 2008’s Ray of Light. Early buzz about MDNA suggested the album would be based in hip-hop and after confirmation of collaborators like Nicki Minaj many expected a sound that would feel like Hard Candy pt. 2.

Fortunately for all of us, we were completely wrong. In fact, MDNA manages to be some of Madonna’s freshest and most exciting material in years.

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