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Popologist Panel: Adam Lambert, Azealia Banks, Ke$ha

Popologist Panel: Adam Lambert, Azealia Banks, Ke$ha

I was recently asked to take part in a monthly panel reviewing some of the latest releases and leaks from a variety of popular and up-and-coming artists on Vertigo Shtick. Check out the first installment of the Popologist Panel, where we discuss the latest releases from: Adam Lambert, Queen of Hearts, Azealia Banks, Florrie, Cher Lloyd, Luciana, Kylie Minogue, Cheryl Cole and a demo/leak from Ke$ha!

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Judgement Day: Special Edititon (You Decide!): Entertainment Weekly “Trespasses” in Sensitive Territory

In a bit of breaking news I find both interesting and conflicting, Entertainment Weekly posted a review of the new Adam Lambert album. “Trespassing” this afternoon that has fans in an outrage! On a historic day when U.S. President Barrack Obama officially stated his stance in support of marriage equality, igniting hope in millions of people, a few paragraphs by writer Melissa Maerz is under storm for what  many feel were homophobic comments used in describing her thoughts on Lambert’s latest offering, in stores on May 15th, 2012.

Read the article below. In case it gets pulled from their website I grabbed a screenshot.) 
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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing”

Well hello Ladies and Gents! It’s time for another installment of Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell!

Today Adam Lambert’s long-awaited sophomore album: “Trespassing” (in stores on 5/15/2012) is standing at the pearly gates of Pop Heaven waiting to find out what The Pop Gods have decided as it’s fate. Will it be allowed into Pop Heaven, banished to Pop Hell or simply left to wallow somewhere in Pop Limbo?

Now, before the verdict is revealed, I must admit that I may have said in the last instalment of Judgement Day that I was going to depart from the formulaic track-by-track album review. Since I started this blog back in November, I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with lots of pop culture enthusiasts, be they fellow pop bloggers or simply fans. While I have yet to encounter every fan base, I would have to say you’d be hard pressed to find any fan group who are more devoted and supportive than that of The “Glamily” (also known as “Glamberts” and some as “Fanberts,” others just “Berts”.) I posted back in December 2011 about lead single “Better Than I Know Myself” as someone who had not always called himself a fan of Lambert’s and in the time since I would say that I’ve hopefully become at least a distant member of the Glamily and I’m confident that my fellow Glamberts would prefer I give “Trespassing” it’s due time and consideration.

Check out the Judgement Day: Scorecard and the track by track review, after the break…

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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? (Adam Lambert – Better Than I Know Myself)

(Buy “Better Than I Know Myself” on iTunes!)

Forgive me Pop Gods for I have sinned. It has been approximately 14 minutes since my last confession…

There was a time when I really didn’t care for Adam Lambert.

Before you flood me with hate mail or start looking for spare pitchforks and torches, let me say that I have truly enjoyed and supported everything that he’s done post-American Idol. There was something about the way everything happened on his season of American Idol that just made me… not a fan…  despite repeated conversations with my mother about how much she loved him. I would say that I was probably pretty intense about my non-fan-ness for a time, though truly I can not give you a reason in retrospect. Perhaps it just took me some time to understand what he’s about as an artist.

Regardless of the rhyme or reason in the baginning, the fact remains that my opinions have changed! I feel that I have just had an epiphany!

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