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Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? Darren Hayes – Stupid Mistake (Music Video)

“Stupid Mistake”, the fourth single from Darren Hayes 2011 album: “Secret Codes and Battleships”, would not have been an obvious single candidate in my opinion. While I do adore the track, I expected the perkier sounding “Don’t Give Up” or the stunning “Cruel Cruel World” would be the more likely choices. That being said, any amount of new Darren singles is a wonderful thing in my opinion and once the news set in I realized that the truly confusing question is why this exquisite body of work has yet to receive any promotion in North America (I can’t even find a hard copy of this album in our record stores here in Eastern Canada. Check out my album review!), but I digress.

On Monday, April 9th, 2012 the video for “Stupid Mistake”, directed by Hayes’ husband Richard under the moniker of Pixelfink, debuted on Hayes’ official YouTube channel. The clip takes and transforms a song that seems at first like an admission and acceptance of guilt in retrospect of a betrayal and reveals that sometimes the deeper betrayal may be an internal one.

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