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Judgement Day (Special Edition): Pop Heaven’s Top 100 Songs of 2012 (Part 4 of 4)

The time has come! Were about to reveal Pop Heaven’s top 25 songs of 2012! As this year’s chart comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the journey of actually compiling a year-end chart.

I started off with 188 singles that were released this year by popular music’s heavy hitters from all genres. Additionally, there were plenty of amazing non-singles this year, so I carefully selected the best of the best (hoping that they don’t become runaway hits in 2013 so I won’t regret including them this year) and added those to the pool as well.

From there began the surprisingly arduous task of trying to rank them all. I prayed day and night to the Pop Gods to guide me in my mission. Sometimes I found myself heartbroken to realize that a song I loved would be cut when it slowly slipped over the fine line between #100 and #101. Admittedly, there were many other terrific tracks this year that didn’t make the list.

As always, there were some oversights and there are a couple of flat-out mistakes that I wish I could go back and amend, but once it’s been published it’s Pop Gospel so it’s time to let go of regret and move on with our  top 25!

In case you’re just joining us, you should catch up!!:

Read entries 100 through 76 in Part 1!
Read entries 75 through 51 in Part 2!
Read entries 50 through 26 in Part 3!

Now, if you’re all caught up.. check out the conclusion of our year-end charts. Watch/Listen to the YouTube playlist below, or read the Top 25 after the break…

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The Glee-kly Recap: “Big Brother” Makes a Few Mistakes, but All Ends Well.

Welcome back, Gleeks! (Do you like the new feature logo?)

After an excruciating 7 week hiatus, we’re promised that the last 7 episodes of Season 3 will air consecutively with no re-runs until the end of the season. Additionally, season 4 was officially announced today via FOX and the show’s stars on Twitter. I didn’t realize that it hadn’t already been renewed and I don’t think it was likely to be cancelled just yet, but still – we have that to look forward to!

All in all, today is a great day for Gleeks. Well unless the episode sucks, I suppose.

In case you can’t remember where we left off…

(Here’s what you missed, on GLEE!)

This episode, entitled “Big Brother” promises to reveal the outcome of Finn & Rachel’s wedding as well as Quinn’s fate after what appears to be a rather serious car accident which served as the cliff hanger for the last aired episode. Also, we are to be introduced to Blaine’s older brother, played by guest star: Matt Bomer.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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