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#PopGospel Correction Notice highlights a song or artist who has previously been slept on by the powers that be up in #PopHeaven. #ThePopGods wish to offer their most sincere apologies for previous ignorance or stubborn, unjustified snubbings, and to extend an invitation in to the Church of Pop.

Sincerely, Management.


Recently, a new friend and I were discussing our tastes in music, something I have come to feel is a defining moment in the evolution of any interpersonal relationship, and he mentioned an artist I had never heard of: Kevin Drew (a.k.a. KDrew).

Said friend and I are considering a song collaboration, and being that this Kevin Drew was an influence of his I decided I would look him up and give a listen. While I have to admit I was fairly impressed with all of the tracks I listened to, there was one that stood out for me; not only for the fact that my friend recommended this one outright, but also because of it’s many merits.


Drew’s “Last Train to Paradise” is a vast, 5:46 EDM production that sweeps through several movements. It’s soft melodies, soaring harmonies, energizing builds and pounding beats hover somewhere between pop and rock, but rock in an 80’s hair rock kind of way. It has a certain, charming flamboyance and an infectious energy that is almost other worldly. I am to understand that Drew both produces and provides the vocals on this track, a rarity among the big label producer types his independently-released work basically decimates.

Take a listen to “Last Train to Paradise!” I’d love to hear what you think; if you have comments, leave em! 🙂

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REVELATIONS: Victoria Duffield

REVELATIONS” is a new feature here at PopMessiah.com where we present an emerging or at least new-to-us pop culture personality. For our first installment; we present Canada’s latest Pop music offering: Victoria Duffield.

Victoria Duffield is an emerging pop singer/songwriter from British Columbia, Canada. Her debut single: “Shut Up & Dance” (Warner Music Canada) is an infectious dance floor filler that I can’t get away from – nor do I actually want to!

In high rotation on “The Nation’s Music Station”, Much Music, the video for this wonderful little track features So You Think You Can Dance Canada alum; Rodrigo Basurto in the role of “phantom choreographer” to Victoria who we find rehearsing with great determination. Ok, so he’s probably not a phantom, but we will call him a *somewhat* antagonistic force (even if only in her imagination) who helps to motivate Victoria to get the steps down. While one video isn’t enough to truly know what an artist is all about, in this clip Victoria is oozing “Baby One More Time” era Britney, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Check it out, below:

A trained dancer and singer since she was a child and a classically trained Pianist to boot, Duffield was discovered the “old fashioned” way (i.e. not on YouTube) when the VP of A&R at Warner Music Canada heard some of her demo work. In addition to music and dancing, Victoria also has a lot of acting work under her belt.

If this first single is any indication, Victoria Duffield may have a great career ahead of her on the Canadian pop charts and maybe even beyond! Check her out and spread the word!

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