Riches You Could Never See: Sarah Slean’s “Society Song” (Music Video)

In early January, 2012, Pop Heaven’s own Sarah Slean posed a question to her fans on Twitter:


I, being a vessel placed on this earth solely to spread the good word of the Pop Gods, immediately received a divine communication that despite each and every track on the brilliant two-disc opus “Land & Sea” truly being worthy of a video treatment, their divine will was that her next visual masterpiece should be the sassy stomper “Society Song.” (Whoa, tongue twister!)

As is my duty, I immediately passed this information on to Slean via Twitter. To my delight, she responded – rather appropriately with:

“SWEET HEAVEN” indeed! Pop Heaven! Based on her enthusiasm it was nearly a certainty that I was about to become the hot new commodity in Canadian music video art direction. As such, I patiently awaited a phone call from Sarah, or from her people.

A couple of months later, Slean announced that she had been awarded a grant by MuchFACT to produce a music video for “Society Song” and upon reading the joyous news I heard the angels sing. Still, no phone call… and when I saw her glorious performance with Symphony Nova Scotia at the Rebecca Cohn this past April, she and I met after the show (evidenced in the image to your right, where I appear ridiculously starstruck with my third-grader-at-the-dentist smile). While there was a line-up of people awaiting her autograph, and I had to ask a stranger behind me to take this photo, she didn’t mention anything about our upcoming video collaboration. Still, I knew this was my big break and I continued to wait by the phone for word on when we would begin production.

With the release of another music video, the absolutely breathtaking “The Devil & the Dove” (which we also posted about back in June), it was clear that Sarah just had a lot of stuff going on and that our sure-to-be wonderful clip for “Society Song” would probably be next on her to-do list. No big deal! True art knows no boundaries like time!

So imagine my surprise when I was checking Twitter today on one of my breaks in the office and I discovered that the video to “Society Song” had been released! While it seems that Sarah decided to go in a different direction that we originally “discussed,” I have to say that I’m not mad!

All jokes aside, “Society Song” is a stunningly filmed period piece where a rather disdainful looking Sarah seems to have been detained by authorities and is being thrown in the clink for an unknown crime. She is photographed and fingerprinted as she sits and sings the deliciously defiant song back to them, all the while side-eyeing a rather large bag of what we can only assume are her belongings. Without ruining the fun for you, Slean isn’t kidding when she sings “Fix your sad eye on someone worthier, I’ve got something better up my sleeve…”

Society Song is the third music video from Sarah Slean’s latest double album, Land and Sea. Society Song is taken from the more upbeat ‘Land’ album and produced by Joel Plaskett.

Check out Sarah’s Website:
Buy the song (or the album!!!!!) on iTunes here

Video Credits
Director: Jeffrey Zablotny
Producer: Elli Weisbaum
Co-Producer: Lauren Corber
D.P: Robert Walsh

Produced in Co-Operation with MuchFACT, a Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent, Supported by MuchMusic/MuchMore Networks

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