Pop Messiah’s Summer Hymns (2012 Edition)

A few weeks back I started making a playlist of all of my favorite tracks this summer. Most of them are recent releases, but a few are older tracks that never got the opportunity to truly be summer smash hits. I thought it would be fun to share them all with you. In the spirit of keeping things legal, I found a cool site called 8Track, which reports all plays to the RIAA to ensure that artists are collecting royalties, and though it’s not downloadable – you will be able to listen to the tracks whenever you like and there are purchase links embedded in case you decide you love any of our picks so much you just HAVE to have it for yourself!!

Listen to the Summer Hymns 2012 Mixtape (and review the tracks) below! (OR CLICK HERE!)

1. “Want U Back” (U.S. Version) – Cher Lloyd
Album: Want U Back
Year: 2012

This funky little brat-pop track is just so quirky and animated! It’s about time that REAL pop makes a comeback! I’ve been hooked on this track as of late. It’s just so damned cute!!

2. “Curiosity” – Carly Rae Jepsen

Album: Curiosity – EP (Canada Only)
Year: 2012

It seems a lot of people have written off Carly Rae! This is her second single from her “Curiousity” EP here in Canada (which doesn’t appear as of yet to be available in the US) but I actually prefer it to the massive worldwide hit: “Call Me Maybe.” It maintains her laid back and cute persona and it’s still pretty catchy but not in an annoying way that is likely to be massively overplayed!

3. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” – P!nk
Album: Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – Single
Year: 2012

 People seem to be divided about this track but I think it’s super catchy and probably one of the most addictive tracks on radio this summer. Love me some P!nk and can’t wait for her new album: “The Trouble With Love” to drop on 9/18/2012.

4. “Naked Love” – Adam Lambert
Album: Trespassing
Year: 2012

 This wasn’t originally one of my favorite tracks on Lambert’s 2012 masterpiece: “Trespassing” but it does seem like the one that demands to be a summer single the most. While it has yet to be chosen as a single from the album, we celebrate it on our summer 2012 playlist.. just because it feels so good!

5. “Settle Down” – No Doubt
Album: Settle Down – Single
Year: 2012

No Doubt are back and thankfully they’ve still got what made them so popular back in the day. This comeback single is super catchy and while not anything revolutionary, it makes a great summer track to groove to that doesn’t sound like everything else on radio right now! Get-Get-Get… in line and set-tle down!

6. “Let it Go” – Dragonette
Album: Let it Go – Single
Year: 2012

For some reason, this rather commercial sounding track from Dragonette just makes me feel good. I enjoy the melodies and the vocals and I think it’s really great. Nothing else to say here. 

7. “Let’s Have a Kiki” Scissor Sisters
Album: Magic Hour
Year: 2012

I suppose I’m in the same boat as many who probably heard this the first time and thought it was ridiculous but somehow I’m completely obsessed with it. Everytime I feel even a tiny bit of nerves, I suddenly want to “lock the doors TIGHT!” and have a Kiki! (A Kiki is a party, for calming all your nerves, you see!) Just some good campy fun!

8. “Pound The Alarm”-  Nicki Minaj
Album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Year: 2012

 As much as I really didn’t like “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” and think “Starships” is one of the worst tracks of the year, I find myself very hooked on “Pound the Alarm” despite it not being that much different! File this one under fun, fluffy summer dance songs!

9. “How to Be a Heartbreaker” – Marina and the Diamonds
Album: Electra Heart (Deluxe Verison)
Year: 2012

This is the only track unique to the U.S. release of Marina’s sophomore album: “Electra Heart.” It’s a Dr. Luke production and it’s insanely fun and catchy and is slated to be the next single. Here’s hoping it does well, but if not it’s one of my favorites of the summer anyway!

10. “Break My Heart”-  Victoria Duffield
Album: Break My Heart – Single
Year: 2012

This is probably Duffield’s weakest single to date but it’s still pretty nice. She’s the Canadian answer to early career Britney. She’s a great dancer and her album “Shut Up & Dance” seems promising. One to watch out for!

11. “Timebomb” – Kylie Minogue
Album: Timebomb – Single
Year: 2012

For the most part, any new Kylie single is a sure thing but there’s something about “Timebomb” that I just can’t get enough of. Queen of the dance floor? I think so!

12. “Cuckoo” – Adam Lambert
Album: Trespassing
Year: 2012

Lambert gets a second song onto the playlist because while “Naked Love” took time to grow on me, dance anthem “Cuckoo” was an instant favorite and I just love to let loose and dance to it. That chorus has such a triumphant melody too. Love to belt along with him!

13. “Angel” – Darren Hayes
Album: Talk Talk Talk – Single
Year: 2011

 A little taste of retro with this Madonna cover by Darren Hayes from his 2011 single for “Talk Talk Talk.” Not gonna lie, I like this version better than Madge’s original and I kinda wish he’d do a little EP of Madge covers because he does them so very well!

14. “Heart Skips a Beat” (feat. Chiddy Bang) – Olly Murs

Album: Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Chiddy Bang) – Single
Year: 2012
I’ve really enjoyed this song since it was released in the UK last year and now this version with a new guest rapper is making the rounds in North America. Just a really fresh and fun track.

15. “Put It Down” (feat. Chris Brown) – Brandy

Album: Put It Down (feat. Chris Brown)
Year: 2012
I love Brandy so much, that even with Breezy being skeezy on this mid-tempo urban jam I have still surprised myself and come around to be pretty hooked. His part of the track is pretty short anyway!

16. “Beautiful Surprise” – Tamia

Album: Beautiful Surprise – Single
Year: 2012
This breezy mid-tempo r&b jam brings me back to the late 90’s and early 00’s when R&B was in a golden age. Tamia’s voice is oh-so buttery and this track just makes me want to fall into summer love.

17. “Do Ya Thang”-  Rihanna

Album: Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edition)
Year: 2011
While “Do Ya Thang” sounds a lot like Mimi’s “Touch My Body” and was only a bonus track on RiRi’s 2011 album: “Talk That Talk” it has been a favorite on the album from the start and just sounds like something that should be blasting from your car driving down the beach to me. Laid back and fun!

18. “One Last Time” – Agnes

Album: One Last Time – Single
Year: 2012
People think that summer playlists are all about fun, but sometimes you have summer flings and sometimes those flings turn into romances and heartbreaks. This latest track from Swedish powerhouse: Agnes manages to be both sad and summery all at once. It’s 80’s infusion is right up my alley and it’s in high rotation right now!

19. “Start of Something Good” – Daughtry

Album: Break the Spell (Deluxe Version)
Year: 2011
Another slow love song, this one has some personal sentimental meaning, but I can imagine sitting around a campfire or out on my friend’s deck while he plays guitar and singing a jam like this one. A beautiful song with lyrics and emotions anyone who’s every been burned and learned to love again can relate to.

20. “Hummingbird Heartbeat”- Katy Perry

Album: Teenage Dream
Year: 2011
The biggest tragedy from Perry’s “Teenage Dream” campaign was not making this track a massive summer single in my opinion. While it was admittedly a tough call since nearly every song on the album was radio ready, this one has always been my favorite and a perfect way to close this summer playlist, even if it probably was written about Russell Brand (cringe)..
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