Wise Men Learn to Love: Sarah Slean’s “The Devil & The Dove”

Shot in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, The Devil & The Dove is the latest single/video released from Slean’s 2011 masterpiece Land & Sea. The double-disc set found Slean exploring the two most prominent aspects of her material to date: a delightful pop sensibility and lush, gorgeous and theatrical compositions. The second of the two discs: Sea is a collection of orchestral arrangements which focus on life, love and quantum physics. exploring the magic that can be found in merely contemplating our existence as we experience the varying pleasures and pains of daily life.

Stark and cold, the wintery Newfoundland landscape provides a stunning backdrop for The Devil & The Dove’s sometimes-melancholy, sometimes-uplifting melodies. While some may watch this video searching for a distinct plot, I feel it is intended as a portrait of human emotions that walks the fine line between love’s dark and light; the devil and the dove. We see it through the eyes of the devout, the angry, the lonely, the empty and the innocent as they live with their longing for love in different ways, their emotions surging much like the waves crashing against the breathtaking Newfoundland shore.

A marvel for it’s gorgeous cinematography and it’s heartbreaking beauty, The Devil & The Dove is a stunning masterpiece quite worthy of the album that spawned it, which I might add – was completely snubbed by this year’s Juno awards while artists like Bieber and Nickelback were celebrated. Imagine!

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