Pop Gospel: Mandy Moore – Cry

“Cry” was taken from the love-it or hate-it cheese fest that was the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novel “A Walk to Remember.” (I love it!) The video, doomed to the soundtrack single curse of having to include clips from the film, is completely terrible. Mandy, however, looks gorgeous as she dons dark brown hair for one of the first times in her career and starts to mature her image. The thing about a great fucking song is that when it’s this pretty and heartfelt, the terribly shoddiness of the accompanying music video doesn’t always matter.

This is just one of many songs in the Pop Gospel hymn books by the one late 90’s pop starlet who grew out of bubblegum and always took the high road while her peers were getting dirrty. I’m choosing to disregard the perviness factor in early Moore videos like “Candy,” the creepiness of which was only recently brought to my attention as I read a discussion between two fellow Pop enthusiasts on Twitter! *Shudder*

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