The Glee-kly Recap: We’re Burning Up with “Saturday Night Glee-ver!”

In this installment we recap “Saturday Night Glee-ver”, which features songs from the soundtrack of Disco movie classic: Saturday Night Fever. Along with a whopping eight musical numbers, we can expect lots and lots of cheese (and I don’t mean “Fondue for Two” but I don’t think there are many people who would be upset if I did!).

Just in case you’re a couple of episodes behind: (here’s what you missed.. on GLEE!)

We open to three members of New Directions sitting in an unknown classroom, looking rather uninterested. Blaine looks up at the ceiling and sees a disco ball as the urge to dance overcomes him, Mike Chang and Brittany S. Pearce. The three break into a rousing rendition of the Bee Gees classic: “You Should Be Dancing”.

When the number ends, Blaine reveals that since the theme for this year’s Nationals competition is “Vintage” that the three of them thought they could do Disco songs. While both Mr. Schue and Coach Sylvester think Disco would be a great idea there’s just one problem; one which is quite eloquently put by the rest of the Glee club in unison: “DISCO SUCKS!”


In a bit of the internal dialogue we don’t seem to get as much of lately, Mr. Schue reveals that he’s been worried about some of the New Directions. With graduation coming up soon he’s identified three seniors who don’t seem to know what they want to do after graduation: Finn (all the talent, no self-esteem), Mercedes (lots of talent, no vision) and Santana (lots of ambition but no focus).

He takes his concerns to Sue. She tells him they should assign the kids songs from Saturday Night Fever. which was the “soundtrack that defined a generation”. While the rest of us scratch our heads about how Saturday Night Fever relates to high school kids trying to decide their futures, Will agrees and they decide to offer a prize to the week’s winner to motivate them.

Kurt and Mercedes are talking in the hallway. We learn that Mercedes has been accepted into 2 colleges as Kurt tries to convince her to join he and Rachel in New York. They are approached by a young man named Wade Adams (played by The Glee Project finalist Alex Newell), who immediately reveals that he is from Carmel High and a member of Vocal Adrenaline. He also adds that he is their number one fan and that he has not come to spy but to ask for some advice.

Vocal Adrenaline’s new coach: Jesse St. James (Of course! You didn’t think we’d have a whole season without him, did you?) has been tough on him and he’s had a hard time with the other kids at school. He says that as a way to cope, since he’s been very young he’s pretended in his head to be someone else.  This alter ego, who’s name is Unique, is a woman and Alex reveals that he’s realized it’s not someone he’s pretending to be but who he really is. He wants to perform at Carmel’s upcoming Regionals competition as Unique and since he respects Kurt and Mercedes (and claims Unique is basically the love child of their personalities), he wants to know if they think it’s a good idea.

Back in the choir room, Sue and Schue reveal a flashy disco dancefloor on loan from Sue’s private collection for this week’s assignment. This might be the first that they they’ve ever attempted to explain where a ridiculously expensive set piece has come from in a school so worried about winning championships to earn funding. They reveal to a mostly-reluctant New Directions that the assignment this week is to sing a song from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and to start off the week’s festivities – a disco dance off! The best performer in this competition will win a replica of the white, polyester suit worn by Travolta in the movie. Mr. Shue takes the lead on the Bee Gees’ “Night Fever” with an impossibly high falsetto that isn’t fooling anyone. It’s not a terribly exciting number as the group line dances on the flashy dance floor. When the smoke clears, they choose Mercedes, Santana and a stunned Finn Hudson as the dance-off finalists.

Mr. Schue takes the winners into a classroom and reveals that the dance-off was fixed and that he just wanted to talk to them about their futures and states that the assignment for the week for the three of them is two-fold: perform a song from Saturday Night Fever and figure out what their dreams are for the future. The three react somewhat angrily, feeling cornered and somewhat apologetically, Mr. Schue reminds them that they’re running out of time.

Mercedes is frustrated that Mr. Schue thinks she doesn’t have a dream. She knows exactly what she wants but like a lot of kids, she just doesn’t know how to get there but make no mistake, she’s got a fire inside of her, which she displays with the following flawless and amazing performance:

After the number she tells the group her dreams. She wants to record #1 hits like her idols (“Mariah, Whitney.. rest in peace!” Foreshadowing!) and that she’s afraid of heading for LA and not knowing what to do to get the things she wants. She tells us (for the first time?) that her father isn’t supportive of her wanting to be a performer. The others try to comfort her, but she reveals that she’s also afraid that out in the real world, she won’t be received the way she is in high school; like she won’t have what it takes. Cut to Sam re-watching her performance on his cell phone, having just freshly recorded the whole thing.

Rachel continues to refuse to talk to Finn after their fight and instead just stares at him longingly in the hallway like a creeper as he tells Puck he can’t come to California because that’s not his dream but admits he still really doesn’t know what his dream is. Puck admits that he’s afraid of moving to Cali on his own and Finn coming with him would have been a security blanket. Puck tells Finn that when he figures out his dream, to “make it as big as you are”. (Awww.. Puck is all sentimental…)

Sue confronts Mercedes/Kurt about talking to Wade. As he is a member of Vocal Adrenaline, she seems concerned they might be giving tips to the enemy. They explain that Wade wanted advice on whether or not he should perform as Unique, but that they advised against it because Ohio isn’t the most forward thinking state. Sue thinks they should encourage him to do it so that he will cause Vocal Adrenaline to lose Nationals and presents a rather dazzling pair of high heels that once belonged to Janet Reno that she instructs them they are to give to Wade for Unique to wear on stage.

Cut to the choir room, where Santana is peforming Yvonne Elliman’s “If I Can’t Have You” in a cute orange jumpsuit and headband. This is the only time in the entire episode that Quinn is shown, in fact she’s noticeably absent from all of the oher numbers. After her number, Mr. Schue makes some weird assumption that the song was indicating that Santana’s dream is to fight for marriage equality and go to law school but Santana quickly corrects him and affirms that she wants to be famous and that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Cut to Brittany having an idea. (Uh-Oh…)

Rachel sends out a tweet to get Finn to come to the auditorium because texting when they’re not talking just doesn’t make sense. They embrace and the fight seems to be over. Rachel tells Finn she doesn’t need New York and that “home” to her is being with him and that as much as she wants to be in New York, she wants to talk about his dreams and they can decide together. She (obviously) has prepared a number she wants to sing to him and he sits and watches as she performs a totally beautiful rendition of the Bee Gees classic “How Deep Is Your Love?”.

Later, with Rachel’s urging, Finn meets with Mr. Schue and Ms. Pillsbury to discuss his options for university. He seems pretty uncomfortable and uncertain of himself and says he’ll take some time to look over the information and see if he can “shake a dream” out of it. Shortly after leaving the office, he throws all of the university literature into the recycling bin.

Also walking down the hallway, Santana gets the sneaking suspicion that people are staring at her. She learns that Brittany – with totally sweet intentions – did some research on how to get famous and realized that most of today’s celebrities got there by leaking a sex tape. To help Santana realize her dream of fame, she released a sex-tape of her and Santana, edited together wth scenes of Lord Tubbington – our favorite cheese-eating kitty, doing household chores entitled: “2 Girls, One Cat”. Obviously stunned, this was not the way Santana wanted to go about obtaining fame.

Mr. Schue confronts Finn about tossing the university information. Finn finally lets all of his insecurities about the future go and confesses to Mr. Schue that he doesn’t want to go to university and that he doesn’t feel like he’s qualified to do anything else. He just wants time to stop because he feels like adulthood is coming too fast and he’s not ready. He wants a dream that makes him feel the way he does when he’s on stage and the crowd is on their feet or when he used to be a Football star.

As Schue expected all along, just like everyone else in New Directions, Finn wants fame but he doesn’t believe in himself. Mr. Schue looks over at the desk and sees his copy of Saturday Night Fever and has an idea. He tells Finn “It’s not the broken dreams that break us.. it’s the ones we didn’t dare to dream” and tells him to watch the movie as an example of someone chasing their dreams fearlessly.

Kurt and Mercedes go to Carmel’s Regionals competition and try to convince Wade not to go on stage as Unique. He is disappointed in them because he looked up to them and now they’re telling him to back down. Jesse St. James catches them backstage and accuses them of spying, but they tell him they’re friends of Wade’s. Jesse sees that as more reason to kick Wade out of the glee club after this performance. Nothing to lose, Wade is resolved to going on stage as Unique and as a result he freaking slays this entire episode. Watch for yourself:

Later, Rachel comes to the choir room at Finn’s request. He has an idea for his number for the week’s assignment and wants to show her.  He performs the Bee Gee’s “More Than A Woman” in more impossibly high falsetto as we watch a dream sequence along with all of the other New Directions couples. We get some cute Finchel, Brittana, Klaine and Chang-Chang moments. At the end Rachel tells him it’s wonderful and Finn tells her that watching Saturday Night Fever inspired him; he’s decided that he wants to be an actor and tells her that he’s applied to study at The Actor’s Studio in New York. This is followed by some cheese about wanting to be a great man for her and wanting to see himself the way she sees him. Yadda Yadda…

Sam approaches Mercedes in the hallway at school and says there is something he needs to show her. He tells her that he posted the video of her singing “Disco Inferno” on the internet. She seems annoyed at first, but he wins her over with his oozing charm. Not only has it already received 485 views, but a ton of positive comments! He tells her that he believes in her and everything she can become and that now perfect strangers will believe in her too. They kiss!!! (C’monnnn Samcedes!)

Sue calls Santana and Brittany to her office to discuss the “sex tape” debacle. She tells Santana that she’s disapppointed in her for going to such lengths for fame (though she admits to making a sex tape of her own on Beta Max) and though it wasn’t Santana’s idea, she apologizes and says she’s learned her lesson. Pleased, Sue hands her an acceptance letter to the University of Louisville with a full scholarship for Cheerleading. Santana thanks her but we learn that this was actually Brittany’s idea. Santana isn’t sure this is what she wants to do but she seems genuinely touched by the gesture and tells Brittany she loves her. (Awwwww!)

We close the episode in the choir room as we often do. The New Directions are eager to find out who wins the prized white disco suit. Schue introduces the winner(s); Finn, Mercedes and Santana emerge and they are all wearing a replica of the famous outfit. Now that they’ve all decided what they’re doing after senior year it seems that all is fine and good with New Directions (We’re not forgetting about somebody… are we Ryan Murphy?).

Finn is so content, all he wants to do is strut, much like Travolta did in Saturday Night Fever, and strut he shall. The episode ends with all of New Directions performing “Stayin’ Alive”, all of them decked out in white jumpsuits. The final frame is a finger pointed ever-so confidently towards a spinning disco ball. [The-End]

Main Beef:

  • So did I miss something or have we totally forgotten that as SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT, Brittany would also be graduating this year. Does Mr. Schue not see her future as important? Why haven’t we learned her plans yet? Were they hoping to sneak that past us and keep Heather Morris on board for another season? Further investigation shows Britany has been completely left out of the promotion for “Glee-duation”. What gives?!!
  • I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Sugar or Rory in this episode. Quinn only showed up for one number. I know they can’t all have lines, but they could at least show up in the background for continuity sake! Also, I know it’s completely off topic but I still miss Lauren Zices.. just in case I hadn’t mentioned that in nearly every other Glee-kly recap!

Overall, this episode was a major improvement from last week. “Glee-ver” contained plenty of drama and humor and progressed the Graduation storyline forward with three of our McKinley grads deciding their future plans. We also got to see Lord Tubbington again and if you don’t stan for Lord Tubbington then you and I cannot be friends. Sorry.

The next episode will be a tribute to the late Whitney Houston and is sure to be amazing; packing in a number of her biggest and most beloved hits. I’ll be stocking up on tissues and comfort food and as always, we’ll be recapping all of  it for your enjoyment.

What did y’all think of “Saturday Night Glee-ver”? I’d love to read your comments!

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