T.V.D. Recap: Our Town; It’s My Party And I’ll Die If I Want To

The last time we talked, we were introduced to a new character, and learned that one of our favourites was about to leave. If you haven’t caught up on episodes yet, proceed with caution. There are spoilers lurking in these woods.

[Previously on the Vampire Diaries…]

I am still in love with this show. I have no excuse other than the fact that I recognize awesome when I see it. And I’m really overdue with this post, so as soon as I send it to the Messiah to post, I’m watching the newest episode. I can’t wait to find out what happened.

Good morning, Mystic Falls! Damon looks SO HAPPY in the shower. Seriously. His self-satisfied grin could power all the lightbulbs in that immense house for a week. If just a kiss has this effect… And oh my GODS his cocky strut when he goes to get dressed is hilarious. Stefan has no patience for this nonsense; they’re late to meet Bonnie and plot strategy.

In contrast, Elena looks like she’s about to put her fist (or foot) through a punching bag. She and Alaric are still committed to running Jeremy out of town, since it looks like the magic resurrection rings are limited after all. I approve of taking the rings out of the picture, as it raises the stakes, but I’m going to miss the kid. He became so much more interesting when he stopped being a sullen angstbunny.

The casket resists Bonnie’s efforts to spell them open. Are they all locked, or just this one? Regardless, they suddenly vanish and Bonnie hears creaking overhead and a flash of supernaturally-swift movement behind her.

Outside, Stefan makes Damon repeat his promise to keep Elena in the dark, which he does, but then their ears perk up. The brothers detect and corner the hybrid that was scouting the haunted house, and Damon removes his heart.

Bonnie and Elena set up birthday decorations at Caroline’s locker, and Elena confesses that Jeremy’s been compelled to leave town. Bonnie does not approve, because she’s been paying attention and she’s a big fan of free will.

Damon attempts to pick the casket spell-lock with a shovel and some handy brute force, and accuses the witch-ghosts of holding back; they should have enough power to open the damn thing. He also does the math to figure out that they have no idea who (or what) is in there. Not enough Original Siblings to go around, you see. (I knew it!) Stefan focuses on the hybrids, who are far too numerous. He plans to force Klaus’ hand. Damon thinks this is a terrible idea, and so do I.

Bonnie finds Jeremy cleaning out his locker. He parrots Elena’s words about how Denver is a great opportunity. She hesitates, unsure whether she should reveal the truth, but just wishes him well.

Tyler is waiting for Caroline in the parking lot. She’s heartbroken. He tells her that she deserves to be the most important person in his life, but as long as he’s bonded to Klaus he can’t promise that, so he’s going to have to let her go. So mature! He can’t give her true love, so he gives her a charm bracelet. And there go the maturity points.

Klaus tucks Rebekah into her new casket just as Stefan shows up. They bicker about which of them has the better claim to this hometown. Stefan carries a grudge about being compelled and wants the hybrids gone. Klaus resents being betrayed by his friend/plaything and wants his brothers back. Stefan drives home his point by abruptly beheading a hybrid who walks into the room. Hey, I actually know this one’s name. (Bye Mindy! You were cute, but doomed.)

Caroline gets home to find Elena, Matt, and Bonnie in her house. (How can someone with vampire hearing be surprised like that? Humans breathe, and have heartbeats, and totally make the floor creak.) She didn’t make it past the parking lot into the school, so they brought the birthday celebration to her, but she isn’t in the mood for s’mores in the woods. She feels stuck in undeath. This gives Elena an idea.

Tyler shows up at House Klaus just as Mindy is being cleaned up. Klaus is feeling vengeful and wants Ty to be his instrument. Our boy asks to be left out of it, but Klaus asks him to go bite Caroline. (We all remember that werewolf bites are venomous to vampires, right? Good.) Ty claims to be able to resist the sire bond, so Klaus lets him leave (but never actually rescinds the order).

On their way into yet another Mystic Falls event, Damon and Alaric discuss Stefan’s reckless behaviour. Damon has a small (but growing) list of people in town that he wants kept safe. Alaric asks the question that all of us want answered: why can’t the founder’s council just meet without making it into a swank public event?

At what appears to be the town cemetery, Elena explains that what Caroline needs is a funeral for her old self so that she can embrace her new life. Matt takes a judicious swig of tequila, they take turns eulogizing, and Caro blows out the candles on her cake.

The party’s a fundraiser for restoring Wickery Bridge, where Elena’s parents died. Ominous, much? Alaric takes his de-facto-uncle role seriously and is concerned about Elena. I’m not sure how fully he groks the tension between her and Damon. When Damon escapes to write a cheque, Dr. Fell recognizes her miracle patient AND reveals that she’s on the council. She also has an unpleasant history with the bridge, but it revolves around a bad breakup (not a deadly car crash). There’s a definite flirty vibe here. She helpfully mentions that a British fella has offered a generous donation to the cause. Alaric knows who that is, and so do we.

Klaus is charming the hell out of Mayor Lockwood. Damon notes that Klaus is responsible for turning her son into a monster, but the Mayor can’t afford to decline his offer of support. As long as Stefan behaves, Klaus will look out for the town. The council is prepared to go after Stefan if they have to. It’s quite the protection racket!

The sheriff admits to Damon that she doesn’t trust Klaus, but she’s unwilling to let the townspeople be collateral damage in a vampire-hybrid conflict. Damon waggles his eyebrows, but she is undeterred; Damon has to get his little brother under control.

Meanwhile, the funeral has turned into more of a wake. Matt notices Elena trying to drown her frustration in liquor, Elena catches Caroline texting Ty, and Bonnie lets slip how much she resents Elena trying to control Jeremy. Matt tries to defuse the tension, and Bon decides to go home and tuck herself in before she makes things worse.

Alaric comes across the doctor in an argument with the ex who dumped her on the ill-fated bridge. We don’t get to hear much of their conversation, but it’s clear he thinks she’s being reckless. Alaric comes to her rescue by calmly threatening severe violence. Dr. Fell offers her thanks, explains that the guy who just left is the medical examiner (thus privy to the council’s cover-up shenanigans) and has to leave abruptly when she gets paged by work.

Stefan walks into the party and picks up a knife. He’s about to use it to behead a hybrid in the upstairs hall when Damon blocks him and tries to be the voice of reason. If enough hybrids die, Klaus will take Elena’s blood to make more. But Stefan wants to make Klaus pay, and doesn’t seem to care that Elena will suffer for it.

Ty arrives at the wake. Mattie gets right stern and protective (dude!) but Caroline invited him, so the star-crossed pair step outside to have a heart-to-heart. Alone with Elena, Matt says that all he wants is for his friends to be happy, safe, and free. Elena wants that for Jeremy too; she feels guilty about sending him away, but she doesn’t see any other way. Man, they’ve really made a dent in that tequila.

Tyler’s exhilarated that he was able to deny Klaus’ request. They can be together after all! There’s nothing holding them apart! Caroline knows this is too good to be true, but it’s her birthday and she deserves a happy ending. They kiss, and it’s adorable until it isn’t. Tyler’s teeth come out, and they’re both horrified when Caroline gets nicked. He tries to help her, but they both panic, and she tells him to get away. He flees.

Matt and Elena, drunk and giggly, come looking for their friend. Elena mentions a Fell ghost — an ancestor of the doctor? This screams of foreshadowing, but we have more immediate perils to attend to. A swift, shadowy figure slams Matt against the wall and grabs Elena.

Stefan has abducted Elena, and his car is definitely going over the speed limit. Stefan asks Damon what will happen if Klaus can’t use Elena to propagate vampire-werewolf hybrids any more, hangs up, and tosses Elena’s phone into the back seat. Damon lets Klaus know what’s at stake and insists that this threat is real. Stefan can’t even be trusted to be himself any more.

Matt, our hero, brings Caroline home to her mother and explains what Tyler did. She’s in terrible pain, and is rapidly becoming incoherent. The only known cure for a werewolf bite is Klaus’ blood.

Elena wants to know what clever plan Stefan thinks he’s come up with. He calls Klaus, demands again that the hybrids leave town, and threatens to drive himself and Elena off the bridge where her parents were killed. He then forces Elena to drink his blood, so that she’ll return as a creature of the night if she dies tonight. Elena starts yelling, and Klaus begins to understand that  the risk is real. He gives in, and Stefan stops just a few metres from the edge.

Elena stumbles out of the car. Stefan comes after her, all concerned and exasperated, but she has no patience for that. He was willing to put her through hell just to gain ground in his tussle with Klaus. He drives away and leaves her alone on the bridge-of-doom, and as far as I can tell her cell phone is still in his car. IDIOT.

Klaus shows up at Caroline’s house, and says Tyler begged him to come and help, but he can’t do a thing from the porch. Matt knows that Klaus is responsible, and so does Sheriff Forbes, but she invites him in anyway. What follows is seventeen kinds of strange. Klaus is unusually tender as he offers Caroline a choice. She can have death, or she can have infinite opportunity for experience and wonder. Good lord, the man can cast a spell with words. Caroline is true to her nature, and chooses life.

Damon delivers Elena safely to her front porch. Really, the reliability swap between the Salvatores is too much. He genuinely admires that Stefan was able to win this round against their enemy, but his first concern is for Elena’s welfare. Wary of his motives, she tells him that it’s not right for them to be together. He says that only the timing is wrong, and leaves without pressing his luck.

In the morning, Elena is hugging Jeremy like it’s for the last time. She probably thinks it is, but he has no idea and thinks she’s ridiculous. Bonnie shows up just in time to say goodbye, and it’s clear she’s still torn but she chooses to hold her tongue after all.

Caroline wakes up, healed and rested, and finds a jewelry box beside her bed. It’s from Klaus, it’s a bracelet, and it’s incredibly sparkly. Diamonds? It’s definitely much more grown-up than the charm bracelet from Tyler that’s on her wrist. One is perfect for the girl she was, and the other is a hint of who she might become.

Matt and Elena meet on Wickery Bridge. It turns out that she needed a closure ritual just as much as Caroline. The life she had before Stefan saved her from the accident seems completely alien now. Matt tells her that it’s okay to move on. Her survival isn’t a loss; it’s a triumph. He speaks a short eulogy for her prior self, and throws some dandelions over the edge into the water. It’s silly, and perfect.

Doc Fell finds Alaric at the bar. Jeremy is safely away, so this one’s drinking away his regrets. She hits on him about as subtly as a hammer. This is promising.

The sheriff shows Damon to a body in the woods. It’s the entirely human (and entirely dead) medical examiner, and he has a chair leg sticking out of his heart.

In conclusion:

  • Jeremy staying in Mystic Falls would result in death or perpetual PTSD. However, making decisions for other people without their knowledge or participation is DOUBLEPLUS UNGOOD. Seriously. This is a central motif of the series (along with serial failure of every clever plan ever devised). I’m not sure how long it’ll take, but I expect we’ll hear Chekhov’s gun fire eventually.
  • Stefan’s definitively disavowed all responsibility for Elena’s happiness. He still cares for her enough to keep her alive, but (since he can’t actually be with her) his first priority is revenge. And he is entirely aware of the chemistry between her and Damon, so we’ll see what happens.
  • When the hell did Damon get this patient? It’s almost like he’s had over a century to get impulsiveness out of his system and is now, finally, making semi-rational decisions. OH WAIT. Yeah, this won’t last.
  • How many times are they going to threaten to vamp Elena before someone actually does it? Seriously, Elena is totes annoying and I want Nina Dobrev to be able to do something really fun. Bring Katherine back for a visit, finally sire Elena, or (best choice) show us the original Petrova! I have my own favourite, but I’ll settle for any.
  • Tyler now understands just how stuck he is. Now that he knows he can’t safely ignore the bond, I hope he’ll start trying to break it. But he has a history of self-destructive behaviour when he feels cornered.
  • Is Caroline just a pawn to Klaus, or is she a Rebekah stand-in? Either way, Klaus tends to break his toys. I’m worried about her.
  • The new doctor seems to have a few clever plans of her own. I suspect she’s going to go toe-to-toe with the council. And since several council members are the parents of supernaturals (and one IS one) it’s only a matter of time before she comes into conflict with our band of rebels. What did I say about clever plans being doomed to end in flames?
  • Oh my GOD how much do we love Matt in this episode!? Right?

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