The Glee-kly Recap: It’s “World War Glee” and It’s Getting Personal

Editor’s Note: I really do have to learn not to post anything in a rush. Being the anal-retentive fellow that I am I just spent an hour revising and editing and correcting a lot of punctuation errors and sloppy, inaccurate recapping from the original post. Sorry for the mess posted earlier, but enjoy it’s now-perfected state! – Dean 😉

Happy Tuesday, Gleeks!

Ok, I admit that as I write this it’s actually the early morning hours of Wednesday and by the time I post it, it will likely be late Wednesday afternoon, but who has time for semantics when there’s so much Gleek-ly recapping to get to?!!

This week:

  • Blaine finally takes a back seat and lets someone else have some spotlight for once, but not without some scene stealing dance moves!

  • We finally get some dodgeball action, which may be the reason for -or- inspired by this seasons promo/marketing campaign.

  • Quinn continues to be annoying, whiny, self-hating and stupid while Puck continues kissing up to Shelby, the adopted mother of his child and teacher at his high school.

  • The race for Senior Class President / Congress / Best McKinley High glee club REALLY heats up!

  • Santana insults everyone and everything, but not without consequences…

Read on for the all of the juicy details about Season 3’s sixth episode: “Mash Off”. Spoilers ahead… Obviously.

A vamped-up Idina Menzel

So we open this week’s show with a lovestruck Noah Puckerman, who continues to don that mohawk even though no one seems to realize how awful it’s looking lately. (Style it or shave it, don’t just leave it laying there.)

After kissing Ms. Corcoran in her home two episodes ago, it seems that things have been a little awkward between them, but Puck wanders the hallways of McKinley High like a love sick puppy. Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” has never been more appropriate for an occasion and in dream sequence reminiscent of the infamous Glee GQ photoshoot, Idina Menzel gets her vamp on before we’re transported to the choir room where the guys are performing the 80’s classic for Mr. Shue & “The Gang”. We see some wonderful dancing on the part of Harry Shum, Jr. and Darren Criss in this scene. (Finally, we have another guy who can KEEP UP with Mike Chang’s fancy footwork!)

Burt Hummel / A still from the slur campaign.

In what was one of the MOST laugh-out-loud moments of Season 3 thus far, the devious Sue Sylvester has launched an all-out, televised slur campaign against her political opponent: Burt “Best Dad on TV” Hummel. Her TV spots claim Burt may have had a transplant with a babboon heart, saying “babboons are dangerous killers who throw their own feces when they’re not tearing off peoples faces or admiring their own weird butts.” Unsurprisingly, Sue is playing dirty and Mr. Shue (Burt’s Campaign Manager) is whining about it. Ever the sweetheart she is, Emma comforts him and says that he has to fight clean because that is the example they want to set for their students. (Foreshadowing.. dun dun dunnnnnn…)

Meanwhile, back at school a number of other battles are brewing:

  • Rachel, Brittany & Kurt are all in the running for Senior Class President. Kurt, fearing that his campaign is without focus and not getting the attention that Brittany’s is receiving, has started to get desperate. Sue tells him he needs a platform and to take a dirty page from her playbook but Kurt is a classy fellow and vows to win without playing dirty.
  • A conversation between Shue and Shelby reveals that both New Directions and The Troubletones have received invites to Sectionals. (See “Main Beef” for more on this…) Shue and Shelby seem to have an epiphany that they can create friendly competition between the two groups and so the “first ever” McKinley High “Mash-Off” is born. The teams will come up with their own Mash-Up and go head to head. Shelby and Shue deliver the news to the two clubs with a sadly underwhelming Mash-Up of “You & I” by Lady Gaga and “You & I” by Eddie Rabbit & Crystal Gayle. (Was I the only person who really HATED this number?)
  • It seems that Santana’s “Me versus the World” complex is reaching an all time high. Seriously, she is RABID lately, and with every insult she throws we can see it wearing on everyone around her, especially one Finn Hudson, who has been enough self-doubt that he doesn’t need to hear it from someone else. Add to that her hate for Rory (who at last check, has eyes for her pseudo-girlfriend) and her power struggle with Mercedes for leadership of the Troubletones.

Lauren Zices does NOT approve!

So yeah, shiz is gettin’ tense, yo!

Concerned that she’s been avoiding him since their kiss, Puck confronts Shelby and tells her that he’s in love with her and tries to convince her to pursue more with him. She seems to laugh it off as a mere teenage crush but you can see that there is an inner conflict. In case I haven’t already said it, I HATE this storyline and continue to pray to the Pop Gods that it ends quickly. (Ryan Murphy, hear our prayers!)

Meanwhile, in the choir room… New Directions are debating what to sing at the Mash-Off. Kurt suggests a Spice Girls mash-up which makes me love him even more than I thought was possible. Finn, however, wants to choose an artist known for sticking together, not breaking up and suggests Hall & Oates. (Really? Did you hear that? That was the sound of Glee’s entire target demographic saying “Who?”)

Finn also says that “the new guy” (Cue shot of hopeful-faced Blaine) Rory should do the solo (Cue shot of supportive but slightly disheartened-face Blaine).

Quinn tells Puck that she has decided that to get close to Beth she will need to start kissing some major Shelby butt, so she asks Shelby if she can join the Troubletones. Shelby is hesitant and says she’s unsure. (Side note: REALLY? How many more people are going to defect? This is getting old.)

Later.. Finn, who has had it up to *here* with Santana’s venomous words as of late, proposes a game of dodge ball between the rival Glee clubs. Santana accepts with bloodlust in her eyes.

We get another touching Shelby/Rachel moment as Rachel asks if Mrs. Biological Mother would be willing to write her a letter of reccomendation for NYADA. Shelby comments that her CV is beyond impressive and that other applicants could only hope to have half of the credentials Rachel does. This gives Rachel pause as we head to commercial.

We come back to the Glee kids prepping for their big dodgeball showdown. One of the better mash-ups of the episode: a blend of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar and “One Way Or Another” by Blondie sets the stage and the game turns dirty as there are a lot of hurt feelings among the current and former members of New Directions. The Troubletones make easy work of New Directions and Santana delivers a penalty-worthy shot to Finn’s face. He admits defeat before Santana and her minions attack Rory. Kurt comes to his defense with passion that only someone who has been the victim of bullying could know… (Houston, we have a campaign platform!)

Mercedes decides the Troubletones should do an Adele mash-up and nominates herself as group leader, much to the delight of Miss. Santana. While she was busy “trying to make Finn Hudson cry” Mercedes wig-snatched any claim to that throne away from her. Santana attempts to take it well and vows to her team that she will start playing nice. Her first order of business as the new “nice” Santana is to apologize to Finn.

In doing so, however it becomes evident that she isn’t feeling terribly apologetic and it results in her most insulting bit of commentary yet. She calls him talentless, stating “I’m sorry that you sing like you’re having a prostate exam and you dance like you’ve been asleep for years and someone just woke you up” asserting his own self-doubt.  As she walks away, Finn – looking stunned, turns to face her and then he drops the bomb we’ve all been waiting for…

Hey Santana! Why don’t you just come out of the closet?… You know, I think I know why you’re so good at tearing everybody else down. It’s because you’re constantly tearing yourself down because you can’t admit to everybody that you’re in love with Brittany, and she might not love you back… You know what I think you are? A coward.. see you at the Mash-Off.” – Finn “Keepin’ It Real” Hudson

Now, I love me some Santana, but I’m gonna admit that at this point, I was totally cheering for Finn for FINALLY breaking this bitchy, out-of-control ice queen DOWN. (Note: while Finn is giving TRUTH to Santana, a fellow Cheerio turns to look back at him. Could she possibly have overheard him practically YELLING?)

It’s time for the Senior Class Presidential Debate! First we have Rick “The Stick” who is one of the Hockey jocks that have replaced the usual Football bullies. Brittany’s campaign takes a stand against Tornadoes and promises Topless Tuesdays, getting a round of enthusiastic applause from the stands. Kurt’s campaign finally has a focus, as the dodge ball incident has caused him to realize that he should be targeting bullying and his first order of business is to ban dodgeball, the biggest bully in high school Phys Ed activities. Last but not least, we have Rachel Berry – who decides after her talk with Shelby that she is resigning her candidacy and encourages the senior class to vote for Kurt. She later tells him that getting into NYADA won’t be the same if he’s not accepted too. They hug. (YAY! Now they can be besties again and go back to performing fabulous musical numbers!)

Quinn drops by Shelby’s home with a present for Beth and to find out if Shelby will allow her into the Troubletones. Little does Quinn know, Puck told Shelby the truth about Quinn’s plan to get Beth taken away from her and SHE IS MAD!!! Shelby fires back at her that being a mother is more than “whose body the baby comes out of”. The scene is not poorly acted, but something about this entire storyline just seems really weak. Quinn/Puck/Shelby.. all of it. Moving on…

In the show’s SLAP-IN-THE-FACE finale (both literally and figuratively), Santana is called into Sue Sylvester’s office. Sue looks genuinely concerned for Santana as she tells her that unfortunately, a fellow McKinley High student overheard the fight with Finn in the hallway. Adding salt to the wound, this students uncle is also running in the Congressional race against Sue and Burt and saw the fact that Sylvester chose a rumored lesbian as her Cheerios captain to be ammunition for a soon-to-be-aired, televised slur campaign of his own. Naya Rivera’s expression is powerful showing Santana’s fear. After all, she’s only just come to terms with her sexuality and hasn’t told her family. She runs out of the room and down the hall, crying.

The episode closes as the Troubletones take the stage to perform their mash-up of “Rumor Has It” and “Someone Like You” by Pop Goddess, Adele. One familiar with these songs might wonder how on earth they could ever mash-up into anything coherant but rest assured, this mash-up is AMAZING.  Amber Riley sounds killer and Naya Rivera is on point, as always. Both of these ladies deserve successful music careers when this show wraps. Check out the powerful performance below:

At the end of the number, Santana leaves the stage and approaches Finn in the front row. Visibly shaken by the revelation that soon everyone will know her secret she grows angry as Finn tries to ask why she’s on his case and she swiftly slaps him (and indirectly all of the riveted viewers at home) in the face.


The Good:

  • The return of Pop music! – It’s been a showtune heavy season thus-far! While I love my showtunes as much as the next gay, it’s about time we heard some pop songs! Unfortunately, however, not all of them were well executed! Note that I didn’t even mention the scene where New Directions actually performed their Hall & Oates mash-up. *Yawn*

Hilarious Sue Campaign Ad, #2

  • The campaign commercials were hilarious!!! There were 2 of them from Sue, slurring Burt Hummel and I wish they were on YouTube so I could post them. I literally was cackling watching them. A chance morning bus conversation with Pop Messiah Contributor; Rebecca Faria earned a comparison to the work of local-turned-national comedy troupe: Picnicface. (Check them out on YouTube!) Big upz for Hali-wood! (Halifax, Nova Scotia.. that is.)

Main Beef(s):

RULE BOOK, modeled by the lovely Sue Sylvester
  • Not to break the Glee bubble with logic and reason, but is the Ohio State Showchoir Association and their long-forgottenRULE BOOK really about to allow two showchoirs from the same high school to compete at sectionals for a chance at national gold?The rule book, pictured on the left, has been used as an intimidation device in the past and used to do silly things like dictate how many people you needed in your showchoir to be eligible for competition. (How many New Directions do we have right now? Considering we lost Sam, Lauren, Santana, Brittany & Mercedes – and only added Rory & Blaine, shouldn’t we be more worried about not having enough people to GO to sectionals?)
  • Why is it that Glee only seems to REALLY shine when the storyline delives into struggles with Sexual Orientation? This season, intended to be about getting back to the core characters, is SO convoluted with storylines and excess that it feels a tad bloated! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving it and I’ll always be a Gleek, but perhaps if there were a few LESS plots in the pot, we would get more quality scenes like the final 5 minutes of “Mash Off” – which were undeniably powerful and amazing.
  • “You & I” mash-up was a total flop. I blame Matthew Morrison. Is anyone else just completely tired of Shue? He has not been present as much this season, so I suspect I’m not the only one and the producers know it. I’m very much over his voice. Idina would have TORN UP Gaga’s “You & I” if it hadn’t been arranged in this awful mash-up fashion.

  • Still no David Karofsky or Lauren Zices.. and we’re STILL not impressed about it.

Who knows where all of this drama will take us on the next episode of Glee, which is titled “I Kissed a Girl“. The episode doesn’t air until 11/29/2011 so it looks like re-run city next week!! (Frowny-Face). It looks like the episode will deal with Santana coming out to her parents as Election Day arrives for both the Senior Class Presidential and Congressional race. As always, i’ll be live-tweeting and sharing my rather long-winded thoughts right here!

Thanks for reading! Please post lots of comments, Gleeks! I love to discuss!!

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4 thoughts on “The Glee-kly Recap: It’s “World War Glee” and It’s Getting Personal

  1. Heather says:

    I actually kind of liked the ‘You and I’ mash-up, and yes, the Shelby/Quinn/Puck plot line needs to be resolved, it’s heading into soap opera territory. I really wish they would focus more on Karofsky, ya hear me, Ryan Murphy? 🙂

  2. You would, Heather 😉 I’m kidding, of course! We all hope Karofsky will make a more significant comeback soon. Ryan Murphy, hear our prayers!

  3. When you mentioned there was going to be a “You And I” mashup, I was entirely expecting Ingrid Michaelson:


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