An Act of Contrition: Lady Gaga is Redeemed for her Most Serious Blunder

I am relatively comfortable saying, that I am a little monster. That being said, Gaga’s famous fan base have developed a pretty negative reputation for being rabid to anyone who dare to criticize Mother Monster. I, being of the mind that it’s perfectly okay to be critical of an artist you respect and even love, wouldn’t dream of following any artist, including Gaga, blindly and have always had moments where I thought Gaga had made a misstep.

Never was there a more WTF moment for me than the day that Gaga revealed the artwork for her sophomore album: Born This Way! It was April 16th, 2011 and @ladygaga tweeted: “Attention Little Monsters BIG NEWS; I will unveil the Born This Way album cover at 1am EST tonight. PUT YOUR PAWS UP! #BTWcover.” Twitter went into a frenzy as the media and little monsters alike awaited the big reveal. It came as promised, at 1:00am EST…

Image by Nick Knight and the Haus of Gaga

In one of her most shocking moves to date, Gaga revealed that her album cover was a hot. f**king. mess.

The most anticipated album of 2011 was revealed to have an image that was impossible to take seriously. The font used for “Born This Way” was tacky and cheap looking, and while one could argue that it suits the imagery of the half woman/half machine Gaga-cycle, the image on a whole was a disappointment to many.

The far-superior "Born This Way" single cover. Image by Nick Knight & The Haus of Gaga

It honestly didn’t make any sense. After the epic iconic-ness that was the “Born This Way” single cover (pictured, right), which utilized a fantastic 80’s punk-style font and was absolutely stunning, I found myself in complete disbelief! The album cover couldn’t really be this monstrosity, could it? This has to be a joke, right?


Sadly, however, it wasn’t a joke and the album was released on May 23rd, 2011 to much fanfare, regardless of the horrendous album cover design. Luckily for Gaga, “Born This Way” is a completely effed-up electro-pop-metal masterpiece and the music speaks for itself.

In love with the album, but hesitant to have to see that awful artwork day after day on my iphone, I opted instead to use the deluxe edition artwork, which used the same image but opted to zoom in only on Gaga’s face, surrounded by a wild shock of blonde hair and her mouth open wide in a rebel yell. Now, instead of throwing up in my mouth a little when I searched through the fantastic tracks of “Born This Way” I would only feel slightly uncomfortable as it would henceforth seem as though Lady Gaga was yelling at me from the tiny screen.

I have endured many a day of being confronted by Gaga’s screaming face as to this day, the many brilliant tracks of “Born This Way” feature in my daily jam sessions, Those days, my friends, are now over.

It’s come to my attention recently that “Born This Way: The Remixes” will soon be released, along with “Born This Way: The Collection” – A 2CD/1DVD set that includes the original 17-Track, Deluxe edition of the album, The Remixes album and a DVD of the Monster Ball on HBO special. It’s cover art, while equally weird to the original, is stronger and more sophistocated from a design aesthetic and still has an element of wonder and the grotesque but maintains a root in high fashion.

Born This Way: The Collection

This album artwork has officially replaced the imagery on the album in my ITunes folder! Thank You, Mother Monster! You are forgiven!!

Born This Way: The Collection is out 11/21/2011.

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4 thoughts on “An Act of Contrition: Lady Gaga is Redeemed for her Most Serious Blunder

  1. That is undeniably pretty awesome

  2. Amy says:

    Motor_Gaga was just anime-esque, not the usual Gaga style. I can’t say anything was worse than the meat dress but I agree still bad. Great post, well written!

    • Well, as gross as the meat dress was, it had a certain interest in the potential for their being a political statement of some kind… though I’m pretty certain the one she gave didn’t make any sense. (Something to do with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell..” – Maybe I’m missing something..). I’ve grown to accept the Gaga-cycle, but I choose not to look at it unless absolutely necessary. The font is what bothers me the most… sadly. 🙂 Thanks so much for posting, Amy! 🙂


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