I’VE HAD A VISION: Katy Perry Tweets “The One That Got Away” Preview Video!

The POP GODS have sent me a vision in the form of a tweet from none other than Katy Perry (@katyperry on Twitter),

Above is a teaser video for “One That Got Away” – the next (and maybe last?) single from the smash album “Teenage Dream.”

The album has dominated pop radio since it’s release in August of 2010, spawning 5 Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles and earning Perry the title of the first woman in the 53-year history of Billboard to have five songs from the same album reach No. 1 on the Hot 100.

“The One That Got Away” is also expected to top the charts as well and if it does, she will hold the official record for the most #1 singles from a single album from any artist, previously held by the King of Pop himself; Michael Jackson.

For those of you who haven’t heard the track, it – like much of “Teenage Dream” has a summer-smash feel to it. For that reason, many were expecting a different single choice to potentially round out this era. It is, however, a complete smash hit and will undeniably lead Perry to the aforementioned chart victory.

With a certain oldies 50’s/60’s vibe updated for 2011, I expected the accompanying clip to be very camp and flashy retro but it appears from the teaser that they went for epic, cinematic and modern, though I’m definitely sensing flashbacks and we here at Pop Messiah are pleasantly surprised and excited. If this teaser is any indication, “One That Got Away” may be one of Perry’s best videos yet! (And let’s be honest, she’s done a LOT of great videos!!)

Check out the official video on 11/11/11 (Next Friday!) and in the meantime, listen to the fantastic and infectious track below:

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