I Can Hear The Bells… (Scotty Granger)

You know what they say: first comes love, then comes the restraining order…

Only week week in to my plan to become the next big celebrity blogger, and already I’ve had my first celebrity wedding proposal! I would like to sum up my feelings about it in song…

Read on to find out why my heart is all a’twitter’

Scotty Granger

So anyone who watched “Platinum Hit” this past summer knows who Scotty Granger is. He was the fly, no nonsense, songwriting-on-point, falsetto-King & vogue-master who was always on the winning team and always chosen first by team captains.

Simply put: he was the guy that should have won. (There, I said it. I’m looking at you, Kara Dioguardi… Jewel… other guy…)

Now, it just so happens that despite that boyfriend of his, whom he even penned a sweet song about on the `Platinum Hit` finale, that he and I are officially betrothed. Don`t believe me? See Exhibit A, below for visual proof.

Exhibit A: The Marriage Propsal

All joking aside, you should check out @ScottyGranger on Twitter! He’s an entertaining and funny guy who seems to really appreciate and connect with his fans! This guy is mad talented in the singing/songwriting department and as far as I’m concerned he is a master of melodies!

He is currently working on a solo album and promises the songs will be even better than what we’ve heard from him on “Platinum Hit.”

I leave you with one of my favorite Scotty Granger / “Platinum Hit” tunes: “World’s Last Spin.”

Maybe we can spin it at the reception.

E! Network, I’ll be waiting for your call…

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