Judgement Day: Pop Heaven or Hell? (JoJo / “Disaster” Music Video)

JoJo – “Disaster” (Music Video)

Long silent, formerly-teenage-but-now-grown hitmaker: JoJo (@jojoistheway on Twitter) could easily have taken the video for her AMAZING new single: “Disaster” to a land of clichés. The song’s title alone brings to mind images of chaos and destruction. In a CGI obsessed world, someone with an overactive imagination such as myself may have already mapped out an entire music video treatment where JoJo and her man’s emotional turmoil is mirrored in a post-apocalyptic world, beaten down by the elements; the flawless Jojo standing strong while being hit with wind and rain as she belts the thunderous climax of the song. While admittedly expected, the cliché version would have been amazing, and you all know it.

That being said, the video we got “ain’t half bad” either!

JoJo is all grown up and looking fierce-i-fied as the sometimes casual, sometimes tricked out girlfriend of a moody biker. We get a rather brief glimpse of them in happy times before we see their love for eachother start to break down.. Anger, fear and resentment take their toll prompting Miss Jojo to G.T.F.O. of the relationship before it’s too late.

I won’t say it was the video i expected, but I will say that maybe it’s better that it wasn’t 🙂 Maybe just the scenes with the band could have used a little more “disaster scene”. Regardless, since JoJo is the queen of all things and musically flawless (and this song is incredible) it;s getting my blessing to cross into Pop Heaven!!

As always, love to get your thoughts! Comment! Tweet!

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